Alpha Protocol - Part Thirty - Meet The Editor / Stay and Play

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  • [ – ] MikeTheMugger reply I just got done playing through this 3 times in a row. Finally made a SMG build. It starts out terrible, but around the middle of the skill tree it is retardly powerful. Sega and Obsidian could have done so much better by this title, especially if they had made it mod-able. At least then the mod community may have fixed the absurd balancing glitches. Also, why the FUCk can't we have sniper rifles in inventory? or at least semi-auto rifles?
    • StayandPlay parent reply Yea I'm not sure how many times I said it but I fucking loved this game! I used to be a master at it, haven't played it since it's originally release and probably forgot what was good and what was bad. Sadly it didn't meet the hype wagon and I really wish it had
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