Let's Play Pokemon FireRed Ep.1: Just My Luck!

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  • [ – ] zaelliariffic reply I love your Oak voice! Damn, them crits tho :P
    • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Thank you. XD And yes, the moment the recorder is on my luck goes in shambles.
      • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply I totally feel that ;P I almost lost my nuzlocke on the 1st episode for same reason lol.
        • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Dying to crits are the worst in Nuzlockes T.T I did a randomized FireRed stream on twitch and lost my entei because of that. Worst feeling ever. XD
          • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Youchers xD I was wanting to do a randomized nuzlocke lol. I just found out about the randomizer the other day. But gotta finish my Moemon Nuzlocke first. :)
            • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Having randomized and all pokemons have all four moves, makes it interesting. But yea finish one project before starting at another. Which one will you randomize once you finish Moemon?
              • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply I'm thinking Gen 3, either FR/LG or R/S/E. Yeah, I've been messing with settings to figure out something exciting, yet still balanced enough for me to have a shot at winning!
                • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply 3rd Gen would be fun, I follow you on here so I'll be watching *thumbs up* I would be watching Moemon but I haven't played it myself and I dislike spoiling games for myself, somewhat hypocrite on there too tho, since I've watched four let's plays recently of games I haven't played because I've been gaming less and i thought it'd be fun. Finding balance would help the game feel beatable, I did chaos randamization, don't do it...randomizing typings and ablities drove me off the roof.
                  • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Oh yeah xD I did a crazy Leaf Green random trying it out, and I couldn't even win anything hardly. Random moves, types, abilities, catches, and everything completely annihilated my poor grass type Shelder with Fire type Aurora Beam xD. Also yeah, Moemon is just a graphical hack of Emerald, just changes the sprites. Besides that it's still just pokemon emerald.
                    • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply I tried chaos on Pokemon Platinum, I had a Rock type bidoof with ability stench, with a tackle ghost type and growl fire type (didn't do four moves tho, kind of didn't want to have a gigantic learning curve to it XD) Well if that's the case I may watch after finish Mario Kart VS on YouTube, literally I found your channel because of Final Fantasy Tactics, has a small fanbase and you were the first person I saw that was playing it so I was like let's watch and I enjoyed your commentary. Sadly only one part.
                      • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Yeah, I'm sorry bout that xD People in my real life been bothering me about that too! 2nd part is uploading right now as we talk! I started doing my nuzlocke at same time and I've been super way into that lol. I haven't played Tactics in a long time though and wanted to give it a go on my channel. :) We got a lot of similar tastes, platformers and RPGs!
                        • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply No problem, it's your channel man, have fun with it! ^_^ I haven't touched the PS1 version in a few years already, I like the GBA one a lot. Well when that's up I'll watch, need to do something first tho. You like those genres as well? That's cool, I enjoy platformers, especially the 2D Platformers, RPGs are really fun as well, but depending how it hooks me early on tho.
                          • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Yeah, I'm not on all of them, just what I enjoy :) And yeah, 2D platformers are the best, Mega Man, Shovel Knight. Metroid, Castlevania, those are my jams for sure! RPG wise, I usually really like FF (when square enix isn't annoying me), Tales of series, Souls series, and probly some others I can't think of right now. :P
                            • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply I've always followed Nintendo, even with their bullshit sometimes. My number one favourite platformer is Donkey Kong Country 2 and as my Number one favourite RPG I'd have to say a tie between Disgaea and Fire Emblem. But for me platformers I tend to play a lot are Mario, Donkey Kong, Little Big Planet, Kirby, etc. as for RPG's Disgaea, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, Tales of series, Pokemon, Mario and Luigi, Paper Mario, etc. So I guess I am a bit of a Nintendo fan boy when it comes to games most of the time.
                              • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Yeah I've been getting back into Nintendo a bit lately, especially pokemon. If I had to say my #1, that's tough buuuut... my favorite platformer would definitely be Mega Man I think. Always enjoyed those! And my #1 RPG. Shit, I dunno @.@ So many good ones. FF4 is my favorite of that series, but I really love Tales of Symphonia too. Who knows lol. I'm not good at ranking things.
                                • [ – ] NightmareViperSlash parent reply Megaman is a fun series, I am awful at it but it is fun non the less. I've followed Final Fantasy for a while up til FFIX I skipped FFVII and people kind of reacted poorly to me doing that. I have Tales of Symphonia, Gamecube and PS3 because I am an overly obssessed collector @_@ But sadly haven't beaten it, think I've gotten like a quarter in roughly. But it's personal preference, seems like your goto is RPG's my goto is platformers, I can go on an on, like Battletoads and Ninja Gaiden (Ninja Gaiden being first game I ever actually beaten) RPG's I have loads of them haven't played many of them.
                                  • [ – ] zaelliariffic parent reply Dayumn! Ninja Gaiden was your first beaten game? That's effin hardcore xD Don't get me wrong, I love both, but I do have my phases between each, though I mostly just play anything that looks fun to me :) I tend to like stealth games a lot too.
                                    • NightmareViperSlash parent reply First game i owned was kid icarus when I was 6 or so, then caused me to hate gaming, then family bought me ninja gaiden and I thought it if I beat that game I get to become a Ninja since back then I watched a lot of kung fu movies with my dad. XD So kind of innocent mentality as a kid, I guess I a game hopper, change games a lot. But stealth, FPS, or visual novels, those genres are the ones i keep away from, I still play them, but I dislike them or I am just plain awful on them.
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