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  • alex1gx reply Still watching, ya Gabe.
  • Lucky2bGorgeous reply Push YouTube to UNVAPORIZE and send back your LIFE. The CIA and other Alphabet Agencies that are Involved directly, Authorize to Subsidize the Lefty Zukey to influence the GOY. So Far, I like Vidme, but like all Google Dependent Information InterNET, it may Censor to some Degree, but probably LESS than YouTube who have become Politically Ridiculous.
  • ProphetMo-hammed1n reply They can't keep you down! We're behind you Gabe! Keep up the good fight!
  • robert222 reply Glad you're on vidme
  • loveusa reply So glad to see you here. Don't miss YT. Sorry this happened to you.
  • blackhawks273 reply Sad to see all your videos taken down Gabe, a lot of time and hard work just eliminated in the blink of an eye.....glad your still going strong though. Keep on doing what you do brother. PS, ID on Youtube is ljcolson in case you didnt recognize the new user name here.
  • Djray1967 reply Gabe I am so glad that you are continuing your channel on this platform.
  • OldTimer reply What really eats me up Gabe these communists are getting away with this... It's only a matter of time it's going to get worse that freedom of speech will be thing of the past the constitution will be rewritten or totally trashed by the liberal left wing communists... there needs to be an uproar a demand to the DOJ or taking this to the U.S. Supreme court to put a stop to all this by Google/Youtube & others by violating our first amendment right...
  • vmosfet reply The head of Google was appointed by obama to the FCC as the Chairman. What a connection
  • GinoForever2017 reply You are back...
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