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  • [ – ] Embrace-your-sorrow reply On the topic of fancy visuals, visuals are a part of presentation, but they don't boil down just to fluid animation and pretty colours. Directing, composition, pacing and general flow of the scene adds much more. Which is why all the praise for fluid animation and the like is too excessive. The way RuroKen uses simple tricks to highlight important details during combat adds much more to the scene than say, the recent example of My Hero Academia, where it's just used to impress the viewer. Greater production values are good and all, but there's a clear difference between using visuals to add something and using them just to look cooler. So, despite a pretty stiff animation, RuroKen visuals > MHA visuals. Reminds me of how many shows use violence not to make some point, but to impress the viewer. Does this make pretty colors a shock factor type feature? Some people do believe that everyone knows SAO is bad? They can keep telling that to themselves, I guess, meanwhile it's rated higher th...morean LOGH on all sites in my home country. Also third in popularity and higher in score than Sailor Moon on MAL. Ashita no Joe changes quite a bit after the final rematch with Rikishi, but then again, it didn't really betray the premise since it always was about the characters' introspection. Samurai Jack doesn't betray the premise, it's just that the premise itself damages the show quite a bit in the end. The time reset was extremely bad. At least there were some great episodes throughout.
  • [ – ] redcomn reply Naruto=Harry Potter
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