World Register Report 07292017 - "Man Pods", Turkish Women March, NK ICBM Can Hit "Any Target"

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  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Love the new intro music man. Lol @ those man pods, no way I'd want to be a fish in a tank. North Korea's ICBM. Definitely this could lead to an event and considering they've confirmed it in one TV show at least that I know of, it's just a matter of time. Now that NK has said they can hit anywhere in US I think the time is approaching in next few months that this could get serious. Just one more central banker instigated and funded event to further their psychotic agenda.
    • [ – ] WorldRegister parent reply Thanks geordie! I thought it was time for a change of music. Yes, I thought the Man Pods were hilarious. Regarding NK's ICBMs, hold on tight, it will be quite a show. They do not even have to hit a target, the electromagnetic pulse alone will wipe out the electrical grids.
      • geordieprepper parent reply True, it doesn't have to be a very accurate strike. Russian nuclear weaponry until recent years wasn't this way, which is why they made them so powerful, whilst the USA were more accurate and could afford to have less power in them. Ultimately the area and things happening is going to come to a head and we must be prepared for it. They are really ramping up the agenda against Iran now, so that is something I think will escalate once conflict with North Korea starts.
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