PINK TAX: White Knight Law Firm to the Rescue!

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  • [ – ] sfkillmelater reply Just buy the cheaper version! Mindblowing stupidity!!
    • CoffeeCat parent reply Mindblowing stupidity is exactly right! - But if they did that, it would be logic and common sense, but above all, it shows the lie they are telling - because if it really was the exact same quantity, and the exact same quality, and the exact same contents, but at a much cheaper price, they would just buy the men's version. The real reason they don't buy it is because the female product is a larger quantity, and has many different ingredients.
  • gmak2012 reply I hope that this platform takes off. It needs a little momentum. You can count on me, at least.
  • fibercut reply I lost it when he said lawyers have a closet of dead hookers, that made me laugh!
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply Good flag, .. if all these things have the same exact ingredients ... why not by the exact same cheaper one (it isnt the same women like parfum and specific smells, besides its untrue at least here, most things are the same price given brand, what they here usually refer to trow away razors, not able to deduce.. like a bunch of womn they are.. that their razorblades are designed for full body and have hardened tips, ours don't, which is the reason I buy those pink fucks.. do I now apply for the class lawsuit.. do I need to go for gender re-assignment?
  • CoffeeCat reply I second the sentiment about VidMe becoming more popular - wherever possible, I watch content creators here - the more people that abandon youtube outright, the better. Ultimately, I would like to see this become the go-to platform, so I can watch youtube/google and their feminist/SJW agenda fall flat on its face.
  • ChozisKinchid reply So. Market research is is something people feel powerless to do anything about? How do people this stupid survive to adulthood?
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