Skip Akashic Records Because Digibro Told You So

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  • [ – ] copperfield42 reply in your point at ~4:00, what is the point of bring it up Symphogear or Macross? that looks like a useless tangent to me, as either of those have nothing to do with the study case which is Akashic. If your thesis here is "don't judge by its (metaphorical) cover", then why you go and compare a couple oranges when we are studying an apple?
    • [ – ] NECRO_XIII parent reply The idea he has of saying this show is probably not good because these genres are shared isn't valid if other shows have the same shared genres and are good. Maybe I'm not understanding what you're getting at.
      • [ – ] copperfield42 parent reply lets examine what you did there: Symphogear share 2 genres with Macross, Macross is a good show, and Symphogear is your favorite show, therefore good too (at least to you), and both are original shows. On the other hand Digi, is comparing Akashic to Asterisk, he said both share all its 4 genres and are based on LN, Asterisk is a bad show and he use that to conclude that Akashic is bad too. Furthermore, you are comparing 2 good show, and Digi is comparing 2 bad one. Also you don't establish any connection between Akashic and the yours examples, other than they share the action genre, which make your point way too broad and weak to be useful here because you use only 1 comparison point, and Digi is more specific and stronger by using 5 comparison points. So, for your example to work as a counter example to Digi's argument, you need to first established that Symphogear (or Macross) is a bad show or use a better set of examples You can see my analogy now? you are comparing apples ...moreand oranges, you basically said that orange are good but that said nothing about the apple. In conclusion, this whole segment of the video accomplished nothing. If anything it help to support Digi point, as both of you are using basically the same argument: Digi: Akashic & Asterisk are comparable by genre, and both are bad, yey You: Macross & Symphogear are comparable by genre, and both are good, yey
        • [ – ] NECRO_XIII parent reply Plus if he can compare something and make it work, why can't I? The burden of his evidence and comparisons means that if something is like the other for all of those reasons it is the expected result instead of it's own merit. Akashic Records is better than he gives credit for becauseI he still thinks that shows like that are bad instead of being an actual critic. Even if you don't necessarily agree with my point, that's fine. I'm glad we're able to keep the conversation going. But if we're going like for like when it comes to series with shared genres (all of them) and source materials, then he can't take the approach that those exact things are bad by default.
          • [ – ] copperfield42 parent reply oh but you make it work too, only with your examples. Even though you don't use the same reasoning, yours can be warped to the same way as Digi did, thus we get this A is X & B is_similar_to A --> B is X in Digi's case: A=Asterisk, B=Akashic, X=bad in your case: A=Macross, B=Symphogear, X=good what you wanted to do is A is X & B is_similar_to A -/-> B is X but you never did, you fail at B is_similar_to A because Macross or Symphogear is not similar to Asterisk or Akashic just look, which one is the weakest? Akashic is similar to Asterisk because: Light novel, Action, Magic, Fantasy, School Symphogear is similar to Macross because: Original, Action, Sci-fi, Music Akashic is similar to Symphogear (or Macross) because: Action
            • [ – ] NECRO_XIII parent reply I challenge you to check EVERY genre that Asterisk War is and what genres Akashic has. They are literally different even if he wanted to draw comparisons.
              • copperfield42 parent reply to what effect? you want me to compare each individual genre for what? to conclude if one execute the genre better than the other? or different than the other? or that according to MAL rating there are shows with better or worse score than any of those in each individual genre? that instead of magic Asteric is listed as a Sci-fi and is listed with more genres? Digi use what he perceive as the sum of the pieces to draw his comparison and conclusion. You want that I use the pieces? don't you see a problem with that?
        • [ – ] NECRO_XIII parent reply Incorrect, Symphogear and Macross share EVERYTHING as far as genres and source.
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