Top 10 Most Popular Linux Distributions in 2017

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  • Political_Monkey reply Debian is the base operating system, not Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an operating system made to make Canonical money, Debian is an operating system which is made out of entirely free software. Not free as in free beer but as in freedom. You have the right to run the program(& OS) for any reason, right to edit all source code, the right to distribute the software (for free or at a price), and the right to distribute modified copies. Ubuntu by default installs codecs which are proprietary and owned by someone else. ( ) This is why Ubuntu is #3. Among other reasons like replacing init.d with upstart instead of SystemD like every one else. And not to mention Unity desktop -_- Otherwise nice vid keep them coming.
  • ComputingTeacher reply I think Canonical's decision to ditch Gnome was quite possible the worst decision in the history of Linux. It pretty much made most Ubuntu users move over to Mint if I remember correctly. What even is their interface called again?
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