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FIRST LIVE-STREAM ATTEMPT: The Deadly Tower of Monsters

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  • Rawman GREAT STREAM ARCHIVE! you should do more like everyone is begging for! MORE MORE MORE MORE!!
  • MFKraven next time you live stream let me know! we'll get on skype and keep a conversation going as you play :p
  • [ – ] zaelliariffic Oh, Atlus. They used to put out some good stuff lol. Not that they still don't, but I'm pretty sure they're under Sega's boot now ;_; But good stuff, also lol at potato quality xD
    • mintteamew parent So much lag and audio breaks lol but I do really want to finish the game on here. Maybe in only 10 minute increments though.
  • [ – ] Calibri_Funtimes Heh heh heh....his name is Dick. Also you're so funny "potato quality".
    • mintteamew parent It gets really bad near the end, but it was still really fun to be able to kind of record this and put it up!
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