5 Things I Love About The Nintendo Switch

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  • TheSolidMoose reply Hope you guys enjoy my videos enough to follow! And please, introduce yourself! What do you think about the Nintendo Switch? #HERDHYPE
  • StayandPlay reply Mmmmm, that's one smexy console
  • [ – ] alexinwonderland reply To be honest, my only gripe with the console right now (aside from the lack of launch titles) is the fact the controller is so dang small. If that standalone pro controller is bigger I'll be pleased but right now I need kontrol freeks so bad... Also if the Virtual Console brings out GCN games as well as the back catalogue of SNES and N64 games...yeah it'll be worth everything I paid. Everything. I've already heard they're working on VC Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion...
  • [ – ] SpeechImpedimentStanley reply I don't think you had enough hashtags.
  • stephanieloguidice reply I'm looking forward to the Nintendo Switch! Wanna play that new Zelda! ;)
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