#Transhumanism: Why I support it, why I doubt it, and why you should do both as well. #thefuture

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  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Thanks @drmcmann ! I am a Transhumanist advocate and also encourage you to look into Zoltan Istvan of the Transhumanist Party. People look at Metropolis (1927) but the movie is set in 2026, which is not far off from our time and just look at the above and below work of Humanity. ^.^
    • wearegods parent reply I've not seen that movie nor have I seen much from the transhumanist party. I regards to politics, may very well be better to infiltrate other parties.
  • [ – ] wearegods reply Being a transhumanism enthusiast and biohacker, this is what got me following you. :)
    • wearegods parent reply I just want to point to a video on YT, a short film. Really cool flick. I don't think it'll get that far in our lifetimes, but still interesting all the same. It's called True Skin.
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