DMCA Claim #FreeJennyFedora or The Mr A.T. Empire Strikes Back

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  • [ – ] BossPander reply Make sure to watch until very end for a dramatic reenactment.
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply Bravo dude. This is the reason why i felt uncomfortable in YT, i always got false copyright claims and i didn't want to give out my personal info to these strangers let alone to some weird crazy people. Sucks that The Microwaves and you had to go through this, but eventually something like this would happen, so it's better that we make sure people can't abuse this. Well said.
    • JennyFedora parent reply Yeah, and there are times that the DMCA claims have been abused to get people's information for more nefarious motives.
    • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply Yeah, just to think that it's not really that hard to create a Google account with false information, no risk to the dummy account whatsoever, especially if the person is operating out of an Internet café where they may never use the same IP address ever again. I don't think the answer is more strenuous screening and less room for anonymity, though I'm certain that's where this is going, I think the answer is just to require more burden of proof on the accuser and perhaps consequences for false claims. I also think it might be ok to have a sort of trust-build system wherein the longer a user has been on a site (and verified) without incident of false claims, the more expediency they might get with having follow-through with their claims but immediately lose that convenience forever the first time they are shown to have knowingly filed a false claim. e.g. JulieDoesMakeUp is verified and has been vlogging for 10 years and has never filed a false claim and rarely if ever files claims ...moreto begin with. It might be ok to automate her claim, but if the claim turns out just to be her being butthurt cause she didn't like what someone said about her content, from that point on make her have to show proof and wait for human review of the case before actually taking any action. If she does it three times in a row within a certain time, ban her just like someone who has three copyright strikes. Am I wrong?
      • Xexor parent reply Sadly, even outside of a platform like YT, punishment for false claims is usually not enforced. But it's very bad news for the claimant if it's proven false and then enforced. Platforms like YT and Vidme should def. hold a claimant's feet to the fire before just accepting their word. I once had someone claim a cutscene from a game, but the claimant wasn't associated with the game in any way. I thought, "How the *hell* did this dude's submission of 'original' content not get denied by YouTube?" It's frustrating sometimes, to be sure.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply You have to show people that they just can't push you around or they'll keep doing it. And do it to others if they get away with it. Thank you for your fight. You're an inspiration.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Standing up against DMCA abuse is important. You are doing an important thing here. Keep up the good fight.
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply What people need to do is start writing and calling their congressmen and senators to get the DMCA laws changed
      • Rawman parent reply For real this is messing with peoples livelyhoods and even their hobbies that could be the only thing they have. This is a serious issue.
    • HeroicVillain parent reply Like any law or rule that can be misapplied, precedents have to be set in showing when something doesn't apply. I'm starting to get serious here and maybe a little repetitive, but just my way of agreeing with you, bro.
  • HeroicVillain reply HAHAHAHAHAHAH *inhale* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *wipe tear* The googly eyes. *watches again* Love it. Please do more dramatic reinactments, bro!
  • S1Husky reply I swear that re-enactment gets me every time.😂 Props to you for standing your ground!👍
  • InternetUnwind reply #IStandWithJenny
  • [ – ] GoMGTOW reply That last bit with the google eyes had me rolling XDD
  • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie reply Is the CBC a propaganda machine? Former CNN Reporter Amber Lyon Exposes Their Fake News watch?v=U5TCsrzmpec CNN publishes, retracts, apologizes for fake news in scandalous whirlwind Yet another staged news story out of CNN New Study Shows Journalists Are Dumber Than Average
    • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply I just looked at your profile, are you a spambot or is there an actual human doing all that copypasta?
      • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply Saw your hat MAGA, The Empire strikes back in from Alex Jones saying, are you taking a trademark. No not a spam bot, these are links to supporting YouTube and sites that support the idea that CNN and other main stream media are propaganda. I have NO interest in collecting peoples data or e-mail addresses. A spambot is a program designed to collect, or harvest, e-mail addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam.
        • [ – ] Mattwo parent reply Seriously, at this point, you're either a bot who is programmed to claim you're not a bot or a completely unhinged lunatic.
          • [ – ] ClimatePonziLie parent reply MAGA is short an Abbreviation of Make America Great Again, which was on the hat in your video. The Empire Strikes Back is one of the Saying that Alex Jones uses often in his videos, just noticed that you also use it in your name, thought it was cleaver. I'm currently listening to Lionel Nation, while I compose a response. I watch every video that I have respond too. Posting links is harmless, it's the main stream media YouTube and other platforms that doesn't like people posting links because it upsets their ability to control the narrative, with their algorithms, controlling which videos see traffic, as a result they hate links, the Corporate masters don't own and they can't impose their mind control here as of yet. CNN tried to claim it was illegal to look at WikiLeaks it's a good thing many of us didn't listen to them. I will assume that your a American so have a Happy Fourth of July.
        • Mattwo parent reply Who the fuck is MAGA? WTF does empire strikes back have to do with anything? These links are not related and you're doing a terrible job convincing me otherwise. A spambot's sole purpose is to spam. Any other detail is up to whoever uses it. Sounds to me like you're trying too hard to lie to me.
  • whako reply Damn that is just stupid... hope it all goes well for you Jenny.
  • [ – ] skpacman reply You, sir, are an inspiration. Thank you for being the bigger person and stating your side in such an eloquent and informed way.
  • FunkyMunky reply LOVE the hat!
  • RedExec reply Mr. A.T. Andrei Thomas took down my entire youtube channel with almost a thousand subs. He's a piece of shit. Me and a few friends had a youtube alt site a few months ago and we caught him viewbotting.
  • cruzando reply Anyone who files dmca claims are Internet nazis
  • basic_goku reply Bullies are a fun time for everyone.
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