Sonic Mania - Time Defence

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  • [ – ] Skypeboy360 reply i lost 8 mins if my life
  • [ – ] SGWaS reply Can I say how much this game rocks? Presentation, level design, music (oh mah gawd, the music), bosses, and all of the references sneaked in are all near-perfect. Throw in some (cheap or free) DLC and it would be perfect. :D
    • [ – ] tageneislover parent reply True, lad! It's my favorite Sonic game as of now. Although Forces might replace it. Both are really good looking games. Sonic this year will probably be better than Mario (in my opinion atleast). 2 good Sonic games compared to a horrible Mario spinoff with the Rabbids and a really good Mario game. Well atleast Odyssey exists. Odyssey will be a masterpiece!
      • SGWaS parent reply Might sound crazy here, but I think it's one of my new favourite games of all time, up there with S3&K and SA1 (mostly because of the nostalgia factor). I'd love to see a remade Star Light Zone as Mania DLC; love the music in that zone, and the theme of it overall. As for Forces, it looks pretty good, but I'm still not 100% sold on it. It's really just Generations 2 with OC creation, but then again, Generations was really good, so I'll probably give it a shot. The soundtrack also seems to be good stuff, but not exactly my cup of tea.
  • tageneislover reply Make sure to upvote the video so we can get it to the "Hot Today" tab!
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