Snoop's Influence Will NEVER B Equal 2 Mine - He's a PHANTOM Picks LOTSA Cotton When He Dies!

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  • ELMC69 reply I LOVE when a nonexistent phantom like Snoop accrues more debt to God, Lucifer and MY mechanism....Yep. I drive the astral scape right over to the time loops and whip that boy and place his spirit into the bodies of all of the victims of his whack inferior (to my own) influence (yes, even as the animals) and as the men he could never be equal to (like me) who built them cities that the Tookie (the phantom) influence burned down and as hot slaves that I sodomize repeatedly before I submit his rogue parasite cockroach spirit for execution to protect the next timeline and the real world from him and his ho assed mama for her offense of spawning him. He owes my turf, the entire WORLD, and he gonna PAY and so are his sleeper cell fans! KingPINGod has made his decree on the parasites like Snoop problem. Gonna make sure that Snoop never gets born to fail to be equal to me. Just another famous rapper bitch who too cowardly to roll with a REAL gangsta (the ONLY gangsta to graduate from this mec...morehanism, I even time loop and phantomize my distant cousin, Al Capone, for being inferior to me and my grandpa, making Italians look like bums who don't wanna work) as you saw his feminine knees knocking with every passing second of every passing day that he was just too scared to defy his white devil masters to put me on record to put me in his non-tamperable non-erase-able spirit memory so his gay ass could actually make it to the next timeline...THAT's why I sodomize Snoop and his mama and retarded fans and their absentee chimpanzee minded dog-assed sperm donor daddies for so many extra millennia, because their retardation and cockiness while not yet existing is enough to piss ANY entity with high IQ points off, and God and Lucifer want that little white devil dick chugging closet queen punished to the ultimate extreme of spiritual law for being so stupid and destructive and such a BUM... BUM, untalented squatters in the mainstream OWE Lucifer and me and we IS collecting that shit. My spirit gets cloned anew with every beat of their mind-puke put to anti-music (every time it gets played in any form or fashion) and loosed as rabid bloodthirsty inter-dimensional wormhole weaponry wielding devils that consume all things not equal to me, especially if they got it better than me here and failed to comprehend that shit and bring me my tribute for breathing my air and using my resources without obeying spiritual LAW and working with their own 2 hands. Had Snoop's mama not been a flesh peddler for welfare dollars, worse than slave traders who actually NEVER subjected their slaves to poverty stricken conditions and starvation for money, proving that even CRACKERS were supreme beings who took better care of their murderous headhunter ancestors while serving their commuted death sentences given to them by BLACK Africans who hated them and paid white devils GOLD to drown them in the sea, perhaps she wouldn't require loopage. Snoop's influence participated in getting his fans time looped and phantomized, wiping out MILLIONS of Blacks from existing in any other timeline or the real world, because they begrudged their own existences, like ridiculous fucktards who just wanted to piss God off until He undid them, like He warned He was gonna do if they failed to show proper GRATITUDE. Thugs wrote shit about whites and the "man" when the real problem is them bitches doing all that complaining instead of being EQUAL to what I was at 12 years old, working and going to school and beautifying ghetto 'hoods that Snoop's inferior (to me) fans desecrated...They saw Snoop appear to get away with desecrating music, so they followed his lead. How stupid is you, Snoop, to trade away your REAL existence for some dumb shit you can do here, in a simulation, for the short run. How old IS you, Boy? Do the conversion: 10 years here is only 15 minutes REAL time...So how little time did it take sub-spirits (ancient artificial intelligence) to trick you into submitting your escrow (from before here) and your after here existence for some wooden tokens that gets burned up here when the timeline and everything you did here (along with you) gets undone? In the future, you and your fans BEG me not to time loop you and I have NO MERCY...None of my clones will have mercy on your demographic, neither. We're hive minded. They're like invisible drones that do my bidding and since there's no rap in the next timeline nor the real world, anyway, and I'm not famous as a rapper even though I can out-rap all famous rappers, combined, (PLUS I can actually PLAY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS), I relish every second of time looping and undoing of those music desecrating squatters in the mainstream who was too scared of me so they dumbed down their fans to reject mine and Lucifer's superior music...Lucifer and I are gonna get revenge on everything stupid enough to be entertained by Snoop and those other famous squatters in the mainstream...They do not exist, anyway. This was the description that was too long to fit.
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