Books for Cantwell... time for some real red pills!

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  • [ – ] 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist reply It's so simple. Post zio-conditioning, one realizes that a nation has always been simply a common blood and the land upon which they dwell. The organic normal/natural construct is Nationalism. As it's a reflection of the values and continuance of the common collective as such, focusing on the collective good it is socialist as-opposed-to both Marxist/communist and/or capitalist (which benefit the internationalist jew parasite). This is why National Socialism inherently (naturally) fosters meritocracy (as-opposed-to the lie of equality) and prosperity as being distinct from the other political philosophies that are based on deception of the common folk so-as-to produce for the jew globalist (kikestablishment) agenda. - Democracy (the lie construct that the militaries are played to impose on unwilling nations) has always been the mechanism of the kosher ethno-cult. - Democracy obviously makes the normal/natural world unsafe and unstable for sovereign nations, so who or what does it make...more the world safe for? A. devils-in-skin.
    • [ – ] doomguard1488 parent reply democracy is out of control. We need some kind of customs or constitution and councils, with a non-hereditary monarch chosen by trials or by "voting" of the veterans ONLY... or maybe some combination of the two.
      • 1_Bunny_Rabbit_Supremacist parent reply From my perspective it's controlled. It's merely in control by the caustic ethno-cult (devils-in-skin) that 'make the world safe for [their] demonic population manipulation mechanism' so-as-to effect their generational agenda of the destruction of the White collective folk - but what do I know?
  • [ – ] SkogComplex reply Let antifa riot. If anything , based, WN, or even Alt Light people , since antifa thinks everything to the right of chairman Mao is 'NAZI!!!!', should say they are going to show up, then just stay home, and let antifa welcome the cops who stand down for them with all their best celebratory 'blue lives matter' cheers xD
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