Street Fighter 2010 - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] NominalGiant reply This game ruined my childhood lol
  • [ – ] Hammanu reply I bought that game thinking it was similar to Street fighter 2,back when I was 12yo what a disappointment!
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply Bought! I thought it was bad when I rented it with the same expectation! I feel bad for 12 year old you.
      • Hammanu parent reply I ended up finishing the game, i got pretty proficient at it, and never lost hope to see ryu until the last scene. Never played it again.
  • [ – ] zugzs reply So wait are you doing that voice yourself or are you doing editing with it?
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply Yes, I do voices as you will see in my other videos. Sometimes I speed up the voice so the pitch is higher and faster, but I change dialect and accents for each character I voice.
      • [ – ] zugzs parent reply Haha dude that is too awesome I cannot wait too see more from you
        • OnlyLevelOne parent reply Thanks! I've already covered nearly 300 NES games so far so you can watch those here or on YouTube, but you'll see a new one every single day!
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