Top 10 Anime YouTube Channels

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  • Goldstar-H reply Subscribe to Mumkey Jones.
  • thtguyoverthere reply good list, but I'd have to give demo d weeb's spot, I feel like demo and digi are the pinnacle of their respective genres in the anime video community.
  • RoommateReview reply Looking forward to seeing you on the lists of others. There are a few here that slipped under my radar, so thanks. You're not the first person I've heard that doesn't get Pause and Select. Dude's verbose to a fault, or maybe it's his "thing".
  • Iamright reply You wrote Canipa as Canipia. I would say Craftsdwarf, The Cartoon Cipher (mostly Oscillot, but both are very underrated) and Demo should be on there instead of Mothers Basement, Pedantic Romantic and Canipa, honorable mentions go to ceicocat and Mathwiz97, both have a lot of potential
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