Let's Play Resident Evil 5 with Bushido Brown | Chapter 1-1 [1080p60]

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  • [ – ] jasonlee3071 reply I remember playing this game. Although I can't say it was my favorite in the RE series.
    • [ – ] OGSeeOHZee parent reply I haven't when it came out. While I played RE4 to death on both the GameCube and the PS2, I didn't get a chance to play RE5 at the time because I didn't have an Xbox Live subscription or a gaming PC. So I would consider this LP a blind playthrough for me.
      • [ – ] jasonlee3071 parent reply I played this on the pc and it was a clumsy experience because this game was not really designed too well to be playable on a computer.
        • OGSeeOHZee parent reply Not to mention the QTEs when using keyboard/mouse and it used GFWL (though that migrated to Steamworks a few years later).
  • evasion reply Do you like my username?
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