Tick Tock New Worries

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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply My dad has lime disease from a tick. He got it five years ago. Normally it can be treated fast if tested right away after the transmission of the disease... but the original doc he had didn't give him the right dosage and we didn't know until a few months ago. The way he explained it is that the longer you have it before treatment, the longer it takes to heal. But the vegetarian thing is completely new on me. I really thought Lime was the only one (I may be spelling that wrong lol). You learn something new everyday.
    • [ – ] Paul_W parent reply Very sorry about your father and his Lyme condition. Yeah the vegetarian one is new on me too as was the new one called Powassan that can kill you. The crazy thing is I made this video the other day. Today I cut my lawn and afterwards had a damn tick on me crawling up the back of my neck.... God I hate ticks. Hope your dad can get to feeling better, MM.
      • MarzieMalfoy parent reply Oh wow! It knew you were talking about them lol Thank you. I hope he does too. It apparently really drains your energy and makes it hard to do things when it gets to that point. Thankfully it's nothing deadly like the Powassan. For that, I'm grateful!
  • Westley_Nash reply Finally able to catch up with your vids Paul 👍 We don't get many ticks where I'm based, but Scotland have em something fierce!
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