This platform seems to have no direction - Vidme frustration (unscripted rant)

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  • [ – ] duffy reply Hey Y2J. Thanks for sharing your feelings so honestly. Sorry to hear that your experience hasn't been so great over the last couple of months. Regarding the current feed-based UI, we agree that it leaves some things to be desired. We're working on bringing tipping and commenting into the feeds to streamline the user experience and we're discussing adding an option to view videos in a grid layout as well as the feed, somewhat similar to the Instagram app. Regarding language filtering, it's something that's always been roadmapped, but wasn't a super high priority as the vast majority of content uploaded to Vidme until now is in English. We've seen a sudden and unexpected growth spurt in Germany and other Western European countries in the last month that, while super exciting, honestly caught us off guard! As a result, we'll be prioritizing language features. More generally, I want to reassure you that we have a very clear direction and vision for Vidme. Unfortunately, we haven't done ...morea good enough job of establishing that for you (and probably others), and that's on us. So you know, our product roadmap takes us two years into the future, so there's a lot to look forward to. Candidly, building a startup is super difficult, messy and complicated. It's tough to know what's around the next corner (see: German invasion) and sometimes external forces require us to be more reactive than proactive. There are many things we have to figure out as we go and, while that can be stressful, it's also part of the fun of building a company. In the nine months you've been using Vidme, so much has changed...some good, some maybe not so good, but overall Vidme is a significantly more feature-rich and robust platform than it was in back then. We'll continue to iterate and evolve the product at an even faster pace as we move forward into 2018 and beyond. We'll make mistakes, we'll probably tick some people off, but we'll always be following the north star that's guided us from the beginning: completing our mission to build the world's most creator-first video community. The community's happiness is of paramount importance to us, so it's my job to take this generous feedback and share it with our team, which I will most definitely do. Thanks again and if you want to talk more shoot me an email to
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply Thanks for the detailed reply Duffy, glad to know that finally somebody from Vidme took notice and has acknowledged the current issues. Alls I can really say is, it's reassuring that you're aware of the issues and have plans to improve them. That's all I needed to hear. I guess the main thing I'd like to suggest if you you to give a generalised outline of these future plans in the next "Vidme news" video, and I quote your words... "bringing tipping and commenting into the feeds to streamline the user experience" "we'll be prioritizing language features" "we have a very clear direction and vision for Vidme" "our product roadmap takes us two years into the future, so there's a lot to look forward to" Thanks for the reply.
  • 512markdd reply i agree with everything you said. i feel like this may be (hopefully) growing pains with Vidme but i did notice almost everyone i regularly watched all seemed to "take a break" all at the same time. i myself reached burn out, and a small part of that was due to changes taking place on Vidme, but also a lot of changes going on in my personal life. I think the world of content creating is changing. The days of becoming "YouTube famous" seem to be over, and that mindset won't work on Vidme. I needed a break, and am getting ready to start uploading again with a new personal mindset. I will upload both on YouTube and Vidme simultaneously, for the simple fun of it. I even demonetized my channel on Vidme and YouTube But thank you for voicing concerns that many people have
  • MrJoelDee reply First, I agree with @November_Fox on his point about basically clicking on a video twice to be able to comment. That should definitely be changed. It's annoying to have to do that. Usually, I try to click the video I wanna watch that's in My Feed and click the title again before it actually starts playing just so I can have it where I can make a comment AND upvote it as well. As for the continuous scrolling, which is annoying as well, have you done the clicking the notification bell on people you follow and know you wanna watch their content? That way, you can just click your notifications dropdown and click that persons video when you see they've put one up, without all that scrolling. Unfortunately, this can be bad also. At one time, I had clicked the notification bell on everyone I followed. Then some people started uploading what seemed like 10 or 20 videos in a day, another prob. I dunno if Vidme has fixed yet, but that was obviously annoying so I had to unclick all notification...mores with the exception of about 5 people that I know are never going to bombard the system and me like that, and you are among those 5 that I still get notifications from. I do apologize for not commenting a lot lately, and getting to watch every video you have put up. This time of year is extra busy at the radio station with it being High School Football season and such, plus you know all the stuff I've been dealing with, with my dad lately, and despite's my best intensions to keep up with everyone I try to watch on a regular basis, and even my best intentions to "catch up" on people I regularly follow and haven't watched their content in awhile because of this, it just usually doesn't work out despite my best efforts. Fortunately I did have time to at least watch this video today and comment on it. :) Lastly, and sorry tis is so long, maybe it's just me, but I seem to notice that when I'm making vids on a regular basis; every day or every week, the views don't seem to be that high, whereas if don't post a vid for a week or 2 or 3, they usually do pretty decent for that "comeback video" and maybe the next 1 or 2 as well before kinda dropping off again. Again, that's just with me, I dunno if it's an absence makes the heart grow fonder kinda thing or what lol. 'Course as I've said many times over, I'm not about the numbers anyway. While yes, we all like to see a lot of views on each vid, it really doesn't bother me if 2 people or 200 are watching. I do it strictly because I like to do it and if just 1 person gets something out of it or relates to it and sees hey there's one other goofy person in the world just like them in thinking or actions or what have you, then that makes me happy and is totally satisfying.
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply Another issue that I think needs to be brought to attention is the difficulty with leaving comments. I will usually start a video I want to watch by clicking on the thumbnail. However, if I then want to leave a comment, I have to click the video title itself, because I don't have the option to comment when a video is playing in the list set up you were talking about. This causes people to gain illegitimate views on their videos. I hate to say it, but case and point: Leaving this comment has caused you to get on additional view despite me not actually rewatching the video. However, I'm still holding out hope for Vidme to get their stuff together. I have made a solid commitment to never post on YouTube again. There is one or two content creators I still watch on YouTube, but other than that I very seldom return to that site. During my time on YouTube I was lucky to get a video to break into even double digit views. Therefore I feel I have no choice but to invest my time in Vid...moreme in hopes it will work out in the long run. Even if it takes me years of grinding it out. I hope I made the right decision.
    • duffy parent reply Hi! We're working on bringing comments to the feeds. Check out my full reply to Y2Jay.
  • RevRedmondFarrier reply Thank you for this video and its follow up. I first came here some months ago and was turned off by the inability to find videos of interest to me. A random link brought me back today and I decided to sign up. I decided that a good way to see if it is worth sticking around is to see what the users are angry about so I looked for everything bad about Vidme that I could find. I found that this site is very flawed and experiencing some major growing pains. That was to be expected. I was also very pleased to read the response below from duffy about Vidme's plans for the future. While I do have some concerns about how another conflict was handled by the Vidme staff, overall I like what I have seen on this site. If they play their cards right and don't buckle under the pressures that will definitely come, they will grow to a major competitor for Youtube. The total lack of concern Youtube has for the very people who provide all of their content means that the market is ripe for a new...more video sharing site to rise to the top and at this point it looks like Vidme is best positioned to do just that. Please, Vidme, Don't screw this up!! :-)
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply Yo @vidme watch this video please
  • topheradams reply I agree with you on so many levels. I have changed the direction of my content, so I can understand why my following numbers seem to have stalled. I do hate the way you have to scroll for videos and I do also wish they would allow me to add actual tags to my videos. One thing that I personally feel, and I may be wrong here, but I do feel that a lot of the popular Youtubers that are moving over are getting a lot of favoritism from Vidme. I feel that the rest of us who are fairly new and don't have big numbers, are being pushed aside and ignored.
  • GeekWisdom reply That was an excellent video. I would like to make a video response to it - not to disagree with you but rather to support your points. I think it is more difficult to ignore the issues presented by creators when we approach them en masse. Thank you for posting this.
  • T0mThompson reply Thanks for your objective look on Vidme. As a creator you have to be connected to your viewers. Have you asked them if they are missing something on your content? Its always a challenge to keep a channel up and running. For example i can not find any hastags in your video description. If you are using them new viewers can find your content. So...even if you are online nearly 300 videos you have to optimize your videos if vidme includes new options. Its great to have the possibility to talk to the vidme crew. They are thankfull for our feedback. We all have the same vision and target...we want to grow. So...collect your issues which are vidme related and send them to the vidme crew and try to connect to your viewers to find out why are they stop watching your videos. I wish you the best for your vidme future and hope to see a motivated Y2Jay soon :)
  • The_Outcast_Podcast reply this is legit music for my ears lol ;) love that my name still echoes around :) anyways take if you want, but no hard feelings for arguments we have in the past. funny that you seeing stuff I been arguing a lot well not anymore I dont care for the place just here cuz someone post it, but to be honest I agreed with you. now welcome to my frustration back when I was here.
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