Happy Gamer's eSports Rant

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  • [ – ] DruJayVee reply First off, Esports has not just come about. It exists apart from singleplayer games, for the better part of a decade, whether or not you have seen or paid attention. It is already legitimate. Dota 2 world champs were awarded 6 million dollars. Regardless of any Esports trailers you might have seen, these guys are professionals and they do this for a living. Esports didn't kill singleplayer games. It won't kill singleplayer games. There were TONS of singleplayer and co-op games announced at E3, and The Darwin Project was the only game I noticed specifically targeting Esports. Just because there are no school teams to be denied entry to does not mean esports is harming our youth. There are fully supported college teams, and if the culture grows, highschool teams as well. There are smaller scale tournaments for more popular titles, plenty of places to test your skill before pouring your life into it. Not to mention in-game ranking systems to let you know where you stand vs the rest of ...morethe world. Only the top 0.01 of players are even illegible for pro Esports, and any gamer aspiring to go pro knows that. In short, you dont need to worry. Just like you, there are many gamers who prefer singleplayer titles over multiplayer, and vice-versa, or even enjoy both types. Just because Esports makes money doesn't mean singleplayer games are dead.
    • pokematic parent reply Thank-you for the response, and allow me to offer some clarification. I do remember that it has been around for a while (as I mentioned seeing a Nintendo Power letter from like 10 years ago), it's just that it's really starting to pick up steam as of late (I didn't hear anything about Dota 2 world championships being broadcasted on ESPN3 back then). As for the legitimacy thing, I was referring to "videogames as a hobby for adults, not children's toys" thing, and I see Esports actually doing a lot of good there as I don't see 10 year olds up on stage (and the E3 trailers was more of a comment on the cringe on the trailers, not the subject matter). If I gave off the impression I think esports isn't a "real job," that was not intentional. If someone can find a way to get paid a living doing what they love, more power to them, and I'm not going to say it's a bad thing. I also don't think it's esports that's "killing" single player games (that honor goes to Call of Duty), and while there...more are many single player games, I just get the impression that EVERYTHING has to have a multi-player component, and multi-player is the big marketing push. My concern is that esports being multi-player focused is going to encourage market trends towards multi-player in the same way CoD did (and then it'll be the next big trend). As for the kids thing, that was a stretch. I met like 1 kid that said "I'll just be a pro-gamer, I like videogames and can beat my friends." It's the same as other pro-sports, just with a lower perceived barrier of entry (which as you pointed out, is probably going to become higher). The uninformed people saying "you're good at videogames, why don't you do that?" That's just a personal gripe. Anytime I do something with a level of competence that has a profession attached to it, my grandparents would say "you should get a job doing this" unironically (fixing their TV, moving their furniture, running errands, weeding their backyard, assembling whatever, etc.), and if they find out about esports I can just year "you like videogames, you should do that." At the root of all my bitterness (which I realized only after uploading), comes from that I just don't like spectating. For pretty much my entire life I thought I just didn't like sports; I would want to change the channel if it was on TV, I would be more interested in my nachos if I was there in person, and I had no desire to play them. Upon deeper reflection, I did enjoy the pick-up games I've played, I just didn't like the work associated with organized sports and don't enjoy spectating. When I see esports highlight reels, I'm board in the same way when I see football highlight reels. Then when conversations among groups of friends and peers are heavy on esports, I'm just going to be left there listening to something I find boring.
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