Is A Video Game Crash Coming ?

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  • [ – ] Excell reply I am sorry for not watching your video in a very long time, thats because I was busy.
    • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Thanks mate, have you been verified yet ?
      • [ – ] Excell parent reply No Problem, No! I have not been Verified yet and I honestly think I am not going to be Verified, eventually I might quit.
        • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Keep going and apply again after a month or so. I think with the recent increase in a lot new people on Vidme, it might be the reason behind the delay in getting some people verified. I have seen videos by a few other people saying they are also not getting verified.
          • [ – ] Excell parent reply OK, but people who joined this month got Verified already and they are Germans.
            • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply I think what Vidme does is that if a person is big on YouTube they get verified quickly. That maybe a reason.
            • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I think this video by @sowhat_vid_me (a german i guess), explains the reason for @vidme #German "Invasion" :)
              • Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply So basically Germany is blocking entire channels it seems.
              • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Cool watching it now.
                • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I never really researched it until this moment. "This channel is blocked in your country"..So yes. I've never seen that warning here. I'd be worried if i was living in a country where such was happening to such extent :(
                  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply I have not seen this on YouTube yet but I have noticed websites that have been blocked here in India.
                    • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply Purely political/opinion based content? What i mean by that, not something that is inherently considered illegal in majority of the world?
                      • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply One of the sites that I could not access was , so maybe just a mistake. I haven't noticed any political content being blocked although that could be because I don't really browse any such websites.
                        • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I can not access that either..with "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" error ..Even pinging the domain gives no endpoint IP "ping: unknown host". I would think its technical failure on either the host or website maintainer.
                          • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply My bad the site is actually called , see if it is working, Its not working here but I can access it through a proxy.
                            • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply That is accessible to me
                              • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Yeah not quite sure why, tried Chrome,Firefox etc.
                                • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply Depending on how and where it's being blocked. Adding the following DNS server ip's to your local network setting might help: and (Google's Open DNS servers) and (OpenDNS) If that fixes it. I would suspect your ISP and/or DNS providers blocks that website. If not, it could be anything from a firewall somewhere, to something more far out.
                                  • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Thanks, will try and see although its not too important. Having said that I have spent the lasting 20mins looking at old Alfas :)
                                    • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply If you use windows the command "tracert" (trace route) command might help you find out where the request fails. E.g "tracert -d". If you are using linux, the similar command would be "tracepath"
                                      • Herringchoker parent reply better explaining of tracert:
                          • Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply Ok then its probably something with the website itself. I used to visit this site all the time when I lived in the UK. I tried accessing it via a proxy and it worked as well so not sure whats going on. Also the other sites that are blocked here are download sites stuff like depositfiles etc. These do come with a message saying it has been blocked by government of India etc.
        • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply Like @Lets_Play_Old_Games said, hang in there on @vidme , and you'll be verified in no time i think :) Also, remember that the German youtubers are pretty much rather HUGE channels wanting to flee German EXTREMELY STRICT Youtube policy.
          • Herringchoker parent reply What #Youtube did, i can guess, was submitting to #German laws and regulations; Instead of standing their own ground. E.g, if Germany want's control what their citizens are viewing so badly, why do they not simply institute a national "firewall". But for some reason, Youtube listened to German/EU demands, instead of the users.
          • Herringchoker parent reply E.g remember, there's quite a few "violent and offensive" videogames that are banned in #Germany
          • Herringchoker parent reply What #Germany did, i can guess, was implementing policies that ordinary, man-in-the-street, Germans civilians generally do no agree with. That happens in politics from time to time..
  • Excell reply Continue with the hard work.
  • [ – ] CrashLaobi reply In total agreement there Sir! Additionally I think the issue in the 80s was Atari was the only dog in the home video games fight. Commodore, Amstrad, MSX, and even Atari were selling well in the home computer market in Europe, Asia and the US. When we look back, it was more of a console crash than anything else. I think there's a possibility that another console crash may happen as consoles continue to lag behind PCs and some continue to evolve into what Gabe Newell refers to as "walled garden PCs". Steam is an open marketplace and as with every open market there are 10 crap products for every good one. Although I have found some amazing titles for under €20 on Steam, I would say I've had more enjoyment from most of the €20 titles I've bought versus the €60 ones, there are even some great FTP models out there. Well done Sir, as always on another well thought out video.
    • Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply You make a good point about €20 games being better than €60 ones. In fact I wait for the €60 games to drop to under €20 before getting a lot of them and that makes them a lot more enjoyable.
  • [ – ] Herringchoker reply I do not think it might be called a "crash"..As much a i think it's a "bubble burst". As i see it, "triple A" game prices have stayed inflated for quite a while. (Thanks to in part, like you said, fanboys). Sadly, Fanboys have seemingly no regard for the saying "Vote with your wallet". As for lack of quality in the NOW myriad of videogames attempted to be put out for commercial gain; Where some are barely "hello world" projects..I think the ease of both shitting out stuff in Unity (where the dev have really no idea what makes the game even work), and premade assets, are largely to blame. To clarify; It's possible to make a half decent in Unity, just by getting hold of some assets, and copy-pasting some code from random forums...BUT, gamedevs (if they can be called that) that do that, are basically completely unaware of how to e.g bugfix the code. They basically rely on input from some random person or forum thread, to possibly fix a bug; Whereas they then just simply Export, again, h...moreoping for the best. But, they themselves being "indie dev" using Unity, is often incapable of e.g giving support or even troubleshooting any bugs in their "own" work.
    • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply As for the asset flippers etc. we know how bad the problem really is. I read the other day that this year alone there have been something like 5000 games released on steam. And as for the 'Fanboy' I don't think the problem is limited to AAA games either. If you just look at the people who defend things like walking simulators that are seriously overpriced and lack the minimum of features its just as bad ($20 for an hour long linear story with no gameplay etc.)
      • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply I have to agree wholeheartedly..With even just considering the quality of crap being sold today VS free opensource, or abandonware, games. Video games industry seems to be basically in a very "shoddy" period. And i do anticipate a "crash", and expecting it to be beneficial to the the consumer. So when do i expect it? Yesterday, hopefully :D
        • Herringchoker parent reply Personally, if i ever buy a game on Steam when it's not 50-90% off on sale, it's because i've been "eyeing", having in my wishlist, for basically a year or so.
    • [ – ] Lets_Play_Old_Games parent reply I like the 'Bubble Burst' suggestion. Seems so much more appropriate here.
      • [ – ] Herringchoker parent reply i would call 100USD for a AAA game INFLATED..Destiny comes to mind. The way it's hidden, it's by calling it DLC. Yet it's pretty much "What can we get away with, shaving away from the day-one release, to sell later?"
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