YouTube is the New Counter Culture

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  • Thibor reply I have stopped using all google services except youtube, however, the moment that the bulk of the channels that I follow move here I will delete my youtube account and say good riddance to google!
  • Vexode reply Couldn't have said it better myself, at this point, it's looking like VIDME is the NEW new counter culture.
  • themillennialrevolt reply Great video I wonder if you made this before the Ad-gate drama but the points you made are spot !!!
  • ScottStevenErickson reply By the way, I'm guessing this video was made before the recent crackdown with YouTube demonetization and censorship?
  • ScottStevenErickson reply I just made the jump to Vidme and I'm glad to see that several of the YouTubers I follow have already made the jump too!
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