ADF Politics and Dispelling Pagan Whiners.

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  • [ – ] 0ShaunTheSheep0 reply Sorry you feel that way. There are two sects of Jews btw. The true jew that follows the Torah (sp?) or the 1st 5 books of the old testament, and the pagan / babalonian Jews that follow Baal / saturn/ appolion / satan and the books of the Tolmad and Kabbalah (their book of majik). I'm by no means an expert on Jewish anything, and not at all jewish, but I've done a little research. I just though you would find Rob interesting because he talks about the Nephilium and their offspring (your sprites, faries, pixies, centaurs, etc., etc.). He does it from a completely different view than any other Christian researcher I've ever heard, and i find him interesting because he ties all of it together with biblical text and timeline, including what you believe. That's all I'm going to say about it. It's not for me to convince you to look him up and hear what he has to say. That's up to you. Hope you find the truth in what you are searching for. I will look into the text you mentioned, a...mores I am always searching for truth, and that includes other belief systems, though I am firm in my belief that Yeshua is my savior and Yaweh my father.
    • TheCarelessVoice parent reply We can go in circles all day pitting our personal beliefs at each other, but that would do no good. Besides, if you really want to get scientific, all indo-european religion (vedic, abrahamic, celtic, norse, hellenistic, germanic, slavic, etc) comes from Egypt. So yeah, there's that to think about. However, even I have my issues with the research behind that, because of some new genetic research done in 2016. That's, a video for another day, though.
  • [ – ] 0ShaunTheSheep0 reply What you believe in is real, but it is a lucifarian occult. Go listen to Rob Skiba, he has some incredible insight on these topics. You may be suprised at what he has to say. These creatures did, and maybe still do exist. He ties all of this to the Biblical texts. So it has the real truth you are seaking. You may have to look on YT for him (yeah, sorry about that).
    • TheCarelessVoice parent reply No thank you, I already tried the walk with Christ and he is not my God, he is the God of the Jews. Please go read (or org, I can't remember). Yadah Yah explains a lot, but eventually even he had to admit that through all his DSS research Yahowah (God) is exclusive to Jews. I will warn you: Yahdah is a very critical Texan, but he backs up everything he says with research. Also, be prepared to read three thousand pages. I am the child of my ancestors, who are the children of beings whos conciousness, and mental capacity were ascended to higher dimensions. Those beings are the children of this living earth. Our sun nourishes her, and she nourishes us. It's Lugh and Danu watching out for us, you could say. It is our duty to stop follwing earth denying/destroying religions. We owe to everything around us. TL;DR - Stop worshipping a dead jew on a stick.
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