Why Buy A Leather Jacket - Mr2ndopinion.com - 00036 (VERY old one - My beginnings)

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  • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia reply I've never had a leather jacket. I want one. I want a bomber style jacket
    • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Leather Jackets for Men: http://amzn.to/2tdcZFk Find great once over here mate ;)
      • Mr2ndopinion parent reply If you do decide to get one for next autumn let me know which one you got... or which once your wondering about :) I'll get you my opinion. ;)
  • [ – ] Crustzy reply You improved imo. :) They got more passion now... :)
    • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply Grinding for 6 months with terrible family problems on my back... so thanks for the compliment. ;)
      • Crustzy parent reply owh man... yeah some members of someone's family really need a big kick under the ass.
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