Penpals Episode 00: Your New Pal on the Gold Coast, Australia

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  • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion reply Cool stuff mate!
    • [ – ] Penpals parent reply Thank you kindly! Gee, that was quick... just migrating some of my youtube content over to! I think this place is quite interesting, to say the least.
      • [ – ] Mr2ndopinion parent reply I can tell by how you talk that you are quite educated and that you have had an upbringing in which formally talking to people you don't know is normal... some people talk to others like they know them. Just wanted to bring that up. I think it's very interesting how you reach out to other people who actually want to get to know someone else by writing to them instead of talking to them about what's on their mind! Writing does something with people. I'm also a writer. I can fairly say I do believe you are a writer and not just a wannebe. Cheers mate ;)
        • Penpals parent reply That's awesome that you're a writer as well! Yes I completely agree. In this day and age of being able to communicate globally in an instant, there is just something magical about receiving a letter, and I hope I can convey that with my videos. Glad you're interested, man. Hope you would be inspired enough to send me a letter of your own, one day!
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