Mandela Effect - We have Died - Evp says its TRUE

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  • ghostwriters-paranormal reply if you have questions, this was the first video I posted on the topic on youtube. i was asked a few questions and made a video explaining more, and answering the questions.. its being uploaded NOW if you want to watch it, it might answer any questions you may have.. but first off I want to say im sorry for the crap audio and video quality of this video.. when i made it i only had 200 subs and didnt expect to get almost 150K views on it and 1800 subscribers from it.. the evps in this video IS from the movement of the tablet, meaning its rustling of the microphone.. BUT it forms words.. i have proved in the past they can use ANY noise to form words.. my 5 month old son at the time who still cannot speak yet today, they used his voice to say "dad tell your dad that you love him" days after I found out he was in the hospital they have also used my cats MEAWS to form words.. if EVP is what your really interested in.. check out the other video I posted CLASS A evps... they are LEGIT the b...moreest evps I have recorded to date.. but, i seriously think this is what is happening.. i believe we come here for a certain goal.. if we die before we finish what we came to do.. we shift to the reality that is 99.999% as close to the one we was in.. that is why we notice subtle changes the other video explaining more goes into detail that I do not believe this goes on forever, thats why we dont live hundreds of years.. we either finish what we came to do.. or our physical body breaks down and we run out of time.. but until then.. we wake up in our beds like its a new day.. in the next reality..
  • ghostwriters-paranormal reply just coming over from youtube to test out the waters here.. I make alot of evp, spirit research videos.. if any of you are interested in that.. you should like the channel.. show me you like the content and I will continue to post here.. thank you
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