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  • [ – ] 1Source reply Intend to use it in the context of losing our rights in America and taking them for granted. If this is acceptable I would like do use it.
  • [ – ] 1Source reply That's a great quote! I'm going to be involved in a podcast with Badguacamole next week possibly. Can I have your permission to use that quote and mention your name?
    • [ – ] crimson_king parent reply Sure, go right ahead. Please just try to keep it in context. Nothing is worse then having words accidentally bent the wrong way. I am flattered.
      • [ – ] 1Source parent reply This is how I will use it! There are people in this world that just don't know how good they have it until it's taken away,they squandered their chance,throw it away on some selfish whim! that's extremely painful to hear I don't want anyone in the world to take things like this for granted some food for thought.Crimson King
      • 1Source parent reply Sometimes I forget to hit the reply button. But I did leave a message below. Thanks
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