Not Over You - Gavin DeGraw (Joelle live acoustic cover)

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  • Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Thanks, Joelle for continuing to share your creative magic with us all here on Vidme! Watching your video I also find it amazing that you have so much courage that you could be out publicly without the wig. Not that you need it in any way, but I think about how I would have felt at that age to not have hair and I just don't think I would have had enough confidence. So you are amazing and an inspiration. You've probably heard that a thousand times so maybe it sounds like a bunch of pretty words, but that's how I feel. You have a lot of talent and you're not letting anything stop you. And you are very generous with your time and money to help those less fortunate than yourself. Again, an inspiration. In a world that needs a lot more of that. Good job!
  • JordiFrancis reply Wow, this is so gorgeous.
  • BedtimeGaming reply That was amazing, loved every minute of it. :)
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