Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower & Bund Tunnel

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  • [ – ] Peter_Luu reply isn't it amazing that yanks ALWAYS complain when they travel. How about the filth and pollution in YOUR cities or the homeless on the streets I see in EVERY city. I lived in Shanghai and yes there is pollution, AT TIMES depending on the season. At least China is spending billions to fix the pollution and is taking drastic measures including closing thousands of pollution factories. What is your yanky land spending to curb or stop pollution? ZERO! Which is why you REFUSED to sign the agreement that most other countries did. If your going to complain about everything why don' t you just bugger off to your traffic jams, pollution, unhealthy sugar filled fatty food, rude people and bankrupt country.
    • [ – ] Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply I hate to break it to you, but I'm not "a yank". Not even close. Sorry to burst your bubble there. Take a closer listen to my accent and read the description of my channel. It tells you when I'm from. So before you type out a great big long critisism, you outta get your nationalities right first. You basically just shot down all of your own credibility by jumping to the conclusion that I'm american and then critisizing me because I'm american. I'm not.
      • Hurech parent reply Thanks Jamie! I appreciate being shown how things are when viewed in reality, not catered to someone else's expectations. If I wanted to see an enhanced sky with digital stars and fireworks I would've watched the Beijing Olympics broadcast from '08.
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