VIDME VILLAINS PODCAST EP.14 - Front page, Fyrefest and Antifa

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  • Rawman reply Yooooo!!!! Dudes thanks for the shoutout at the end!!! Appreciate it. But people seem to think I'm right because the way I scream and stuff but I'm actually more left. And you guys ripped into my people the whole time :( jokes lol. Great show guys I loved this.
  • Brologic_Productions reply I have to agree that it would be nice for the vidme team to see the roadmap in the form of a blog or something. I think necoke mentioned that in my last comment on the videos. Like it's great they respond directly to users when they can, but it would elevate a lot of guessing with had idea what features were being worked on (maybe even why the feel some are priority at thing point in time), and like you guys said it could partially help with promoting the site if new people knew what was coming.
  • MrSchnitzel reply 5 seconds in and i already want to be on this podcast
  • Rezelway reply Does Vidme have the infrastructure to handle a huge amount of people coming here at this moment in time? I've always had the attitude that Vidme is in beta and is slowly improving things as time goes on.
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