✰ASMR✰ Smooth Lotion Sounds & Stormy Vibes | Update & Tad

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  • ThePieceofEden reply I having rain here as well
  • [ – ] DarkVisonASMR reply Loved the sound of the storm.
  • [ – ] Winterpawss reply 💖
  • [ – ] BobThePupper reply those storm sounds tho! also them eyebrows are on Point
  • [ – ] SeafoamKitten reply I love the sound of that heavy rain outside :3 also your eyeshadow is rad as heck
  • [ – ] FidanAliyeva reply Hi, My Dearest! Extraordinary look and make - up as always! Especially, your eyebrows, they just hit the top!🔥🔥👌🏻And don't be sorry cuz of storm sounds for it is quite romantic and triple safe cuz you're here, though it's pretty hard😋Glad your pain become less & hope it'll disappear fully pretty soon. Very sorry for your migrene, My Dear, but I want you to know that it will pass too! It will! Trust me!🤗And just know that nothing bad ever is gonna happen to you for WE, your two Greatest Armies and our LOVE are with you FOREVER!🔥♥️🔥Sending you million kisses and that much hugs to take all your pain, aches and worries away!💋💋My Darling, if I may ask, I'd like you to bring some clearity into one moment about subscribtion in Vidme: you said the subscribing will be paid like 2$ per month, did I get right, does it concearn only those who subscribed to your channel a bit later in Vidme after your first announcement of it in Facebook or it will concearn everyon...moree?
    • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply Thanks so much, Fidan ^__^! the subscription here on vidme is completely optional! I'll be posting videos here and on YT for everyone to see, as always! and also as always thank you for the kind words <3!
      • [ – ] FidanAliyeva parent reply You're very welcome, My Dearest Lisa🤗Believe me, that even these words are not enough for to express my gratitude and my love to you😘I asked this question fir just to be sure that there'll be no obstacles in our way to You and to your Magical, Beautiful and Calming World☺️Cuz, I honestly can't imagine myself and my life without you and your magnificent channel for you both inspire, support and literally "save" ppl💋🌹♥️
        • [ – ] IndigoStars parent reply Don't worry, I'll be doing these videos as long as I'm able! It's my passion to create and bring peace to you all ^__^
          • FidanAliyeva parent reply Yaaaaaayyyyy😍😍😍Love you tantisssssssimo💋😘🤗You made me so happy by telling me this🙉😌Thank you so very much, My Dearest, Precious Angel💋💋Wish you strong health, for strong health is the main assistent of ours in the process of reaching our goals, best of luck to you and to your Magnifiqué Channel👍🏻✌🏻also sending you lots of positive energy, Oceans of Love, kisses and hugs♥️♥️Please, Lisa, be well and take a good care of yourself for all we need is You first, then your Beautiful Art♥️♥️
  • bitcasual reply waibuuu!??!?!
  • SmoothRiverrock reply I love thunder and lightning but you can keep me safe anyway. I was a fish on a hook as soon as you said 'Alicia'! Had to sub. : D
  • IrrelevantHero reply As a young adult male there is nothing more familiar too me than the sounds of applied lotion.
  • Tritus35 reply You're going to be the only reason I made an account here! thank you for everything you do!
  • [ – ] Stationsquareml reply Viewing here in NYC, the Soft Light & Voice is both enticing & relaxing.
  • [ – ] LukesLewis reply Great video :)
  • [ – ] PrimeResoultion reply Hi Indigo, I really like the new wig. The light and dark strands contrast exceptionally well with you,so beautiful. I sincerely hope that all goes well with the doctor today, and that you get all the advice and help that you need 🤞. Also if I may make a suggestion for character side stories, Angela audio diaries would be awesome 👏. I really hope Vidme introduces PayPal soon so I can subscribe. Thank you for the tingles, best wishes 💛🙂.
  • becomebusy reply L > 3 > C N L
  • taskmaster58 reply I hope you don't blow away.
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