Moving Out Advice: 5 Kitchen Related Tips

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I remember the 1st time I moved out from home, total disaster, with everything. After moving into a house with my cousin, we went shopping for the 1st time, we was completely bamboozled. Bought stuff we really didn't need, ended up at McDonalds, then contacted the girlfriends to help us, who called us useless (why do they do that ?) Fond memories of rotten uncooked vegetables, burnt pots (which we replaced instead of cleaning cause it was easier), fast food was the norm, we threw away money we couldn't afford ( you know how it is, young, male and not too bright). Good advice.
    • amberthest parent reply Hahaha! I had a feeling people going grocery shopping for the first time on their own didn't know what to buy! I hope at least someone benefits from my advice xD (Thanks for telling your story) (also thank you!)
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