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  • EVENTSKEPTIC reply There were COPS THERE EVERY WHERE!!! I think they were there all along just to make sure no body got involved with there 2 min skit and were clearly edited out ! That's why the camera clips were delayed on there release of the clips and the choppiness and shakynesss and it looks doggy like !! The people around have phony fake edited costumes on ie there all wearing hoodys tucs ect and they almost seem to morph around on the clip and all seem to be out of place and no one seems worried about the shot down cop !!!
  • carmen reply INVorig, Nice job posting the raw footage.
  • carmen reply FreeRadioRevolution, please check this out : @1:19 in the original raw movie ( https://vid.me/6z91 ) : The guy in black ( cop? ) is holding a sign? A Movie Clapperboard??? WTF?
  • carmen reply Jews of Europe! Beware of the Zionist trap! Do you want your local community to become history? Do you want it join the long list of Jewish communities that the Zionists succeeded in emptying out - communities where Jews once lived and prospered alongside their neighbors? Do you want to fall victim to the dangerous Zionist plan to gather all Jews to one place? Do you want all the eggs in one basket, a basket full of holes, a basket that was established against the command of G-d? http://www.truetorahjews.org/issues/franceattack
  • Danfromthehills reply Hey, nice layout here. How is the hosting here so far?
  • billycarlin reply Bill Newton is correct that is the cop car who reversed back out of the "terrorists" way and into the silver Clio. In the original video of the cop being shot in the head the person videoing it all panned along the roofs and you could see a man dressed in black about the position that this video has been filmed. So what you have got to ask yourselves is if he was filming this here why did he not film the cop getting shot as well or if he did where is the video. Wonder if they filmed the police car reversing out of the street opposite and into the Clio. Both of these people just happened to be up on these roofs just like the other videos at such an opportune moment - totally amazing co-incidences that considering there was nothing to let these people know that these "terrorists" were going to come along these streets never mind just stop perfectly every time for these people to film them. Wonder if the original video is still out there showing this other guy on the roof before the cop s...morehooting?
  • BillNewtown reply seeuafter is right 100%!!!!
  • csseale reply To be honest, with a headshot, if it was instant death i.e. The heart stopping instantly then there would be little to no blood coming out as the heart is not pumping it out. What little blood there would be would be drainage from the vascular beds in the head. Just throwing that out there being a first hand witness to head shots.
  • seeuafter reply Boulevard richard lenoir his a double street with a square between. (watch google map) The left street is a one direction, North to South, République to Bastille, and its numbers are odd 1,3,5.. The right street is a one direction too, South to Noth, Bastille to République, and its number are even 2,4,6 ... In the video filmed by journalists, you can see "terrorist" shooting on a police car which have to move backward in the little street "Allée verte" to the end and arrive in bvd Richar Lenoir (odd number side), hurting the cars with their back in the bvd. Then the "terrorists's car go trough the "Allée verte" as far as the police car wich due his place save them an espace to pass; But they turn to Left (up north in the odd number side) !!!!! in the wrong way, forbidden one !!! The cop has been "killed" in the other side of the bvd (even numbers) in front of the n°62/64. You can see in the video of the killing of cop "Amed merabe" that the terrorists's car is coming from the lef...moret in the bvd richar lenoir the go away to the right, in the right way South to North; How the hell is it possible to be in this direction after having taking 2 one way streets longer more than 200 meters in wrong way !!. Theres is only a little steet joining the two sides of the bvd Richard Lenoir, up 200 meters from allée verte. See google map to understand. God bless u all and jeff particulary... take care..
  • AusKilluminati reply JEFF - 12:20seconds , just before you go Whoooah right there. Person sitting on the SEAT , just up from the body of officer .. prolly the most damming bit of image to explain away i say
  • BillNewtown reply That cop car is not blocking traffic that is the cop car that drove backwards after the shoot out in the alley and smashed into the white car. see the damage on the rear of the car.
  • humantiger reply Strange. the police man aims his gun...but at what? If the other policeman is already dead, then that means the bad guys are already gone. Right? And the he crosses the street and so does another guy. (who appears to be hunched over, or is that a hood down his back?) Does everyone else in this video wear dark colored hoods? Whats up with that?
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