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  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply First, this was soooo good the music everything nowww, what was killed in the beginning :P how rude! Me and food <3 I feel you, Miles!
    • USUandS parent reply that was a reference to a dumb video game legend of zelda lmao. IT GOT IN MY FACE everybody loves miles
  • [ – ] RoughPanic reply holy fuckin moly. i love the style of this.
    • USUandS parent reply my style m y s w a g m y a e s t h e t i c i had to spell aesthetic twice cause i kept accidentally typing atheistic lmao
  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply Tag urself I'm Benedict Liam Ulysses (but seriously this seems like an acid trip taken by someone who saw a certain drawing by a certain artist and I literally laughed my ass off)
    • [ – ] USUandS parent reply that is a p good description of this mess lmao but srsly i'm happy i made this now cause it spawned that beautiful meme you made
      • thy_koosk parent reply I'm happy you made the video too and that my meme-ing abilities were decent for once 😊 😂 (this video needs all the memes)
  • [ – ] iamTidal reply This Is Just Great
  • [ – ] Rawman reply Damn! He took the girl out on a date with a Twinkie and a banana!!! Miles is MY DUDE!!!! This video is 4/4. 4 stars. Very well 4tout.
    • USUandS parent reply NO ONE can compete. a fine male specimen on the emoji variety 4w shucks, th4nks r4wm4n. 4lw4ys 4ppreci4te it
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