Let's Play Emperor: Rise of The Middle Kingdom | Part 1: Intro and Tutorial

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  • [ – ] pixelwitch reply Hi there! I played Caesar III, recently started Pharaoh, but never tried Zeus or even Emperor. So there's a lot of nostalgia with Caesar III, and these games may be old, but they're so good! I see that the game UI of Emperor is different to Caesar's and Pharaoh's. And I also see that you already have the option to use roadblocks! In the first mission! But this first tutorial mission is different. I remember that you're given extra buildings step by step in Caesar and Pharaoh. 'Oh, there's a fire, now you can build a prefecture. Okay, you have reached a milestone for population, now here's food gathering resources.' I haven't watched your other videos yet, so I don't know if you're aware of this, but there's a widescreen patch that you can download for the Impressions games. Anyway, thank you for exploring this game!
    • Danel_Lo_Gris parent reply heh, yes they are good games. I still have old magazines from back when they came out with adverts for them. In retrospect, it wasn't until later in my let's play that I really learned how to play the game. XD I wasn't paying too much attention during the tutorial obviously.
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