No Satelites

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  • Trx125 reply if earth were round and satellites existed the satellite would have to be chained to earth in one spot while earth spins a 1000mph in order for the signal to be picked up to work the box for channels for tv...i have set dish angle and sw direction for the satellite opinion they use the glass dome over flat earth to bounce signal to everyones satellite dish..there are no satellites in fantasy space,only a fool would believe that ridiculous story.
  • [ – ] Abbey1 reply Huh? 😞.... Von? Tell me about the Black Knight Satellite? It's definitely up there.
  • [ – ] myordinaryart reply No satellites? I think this is the first time I have heard of a concept of satellite deniers. So what is that thing that is sending back a live stream of footage from the Sun? But I have to say that this video did make me chuckle.
    • Trx125 parent reply hubble is 3500 ft up, solar panels are used for power...listen nothing is leaving high earth orbit,space isn't what you've been told.
    • VonHelton parent reply YUP! Satellite deniers is a real thing.
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