Is "Diversity" is a Weapon Against White People?

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  • nanabaakan reply This video is my response to a video on the Red Ice YouTube Channel called "Diversity" Is a Weapon Against White People Excerpt: "This video lost me. I tried really hard to listen to the points being made but for some reason, they seemed to be a bit distorted. Language is so organic, that the meanings of words change over time. Sometimes they change due to how they are being used, and sometimes they change due to political agendas. What had me most scratching my head is the idea that diversity means no whites. And someone stated that it means the death of this Nation. But what is missed in this debate are a few things and especially as it relates to what is called America." This video: For the full narrative, links and videos please check out my blog Nana's Rants On Things From A-Z Music: Audiobinger: "What If" Minds: Blaqspot: Vidme: BitChute: Support My Work, it would be greatly appreciated. YouTube is doing its level best to make it hard for content creators. Send a donation: Become a Patron: Available for Psychic Readings, Dream Interpretation and Workshops. Contact:
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