Funny How Those Supporting ISP Net Neutrality Also Oppose It In Regards to Cloudflare, Google, Etc

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  • Phobos_Media reply We have to take back the middle, guys. The right MSM wants you to think 50% of the country are Communist SJWs, the Left MSM wants you to think half the country are Nazis. Realistically. those two groups make up around 5% of the population. We rational people between the two extremes are the majority and we should start acting like it.
  • [ – ] Dapperchap reply Spoon clank at 9:50
  • VybeyPantelonez reply This is very important. I mentioned this in a podcast awhile back. I don't usually advocate for more govt control BUT in the digital age, if tech companies are allowed to throttle traffic to certain sites and content creators: they are essentially subverting 1A. I think Trump should certainly do all he can to protect us smaller users because if not for us, i don't think he would be in office. Keep in mind, EVERY outlet other than Hannity was against him, the only people i saw supporting his campaign were indie users like you and i. You have a far far greater reach but the idea is the same, without us campaigning for him, people would have ONLY gotten the opinions of corporate outlets and "celebrities" ... all being completely controlled by who knows. But styx i do greatly appreciate all of your work, you've been really touching on the most important issues right now and its awesome that someone like yourself has a large platform to spread this sanity, will donate next week.
  • knowitalltoknownothing reply The problem with Styx's point that it's drawing attention to the Daily Stormer by yanking a platform is now they've got no platform. If you want to read on the Daily Stormer, you have to read other people's accounts of them - none of which would be so accurate as the Daily Stormer itself. I don't know how I'd feel if I were taking money from Nazis for hosting their site. Isn't this similar to the whole Gay Wedding Cake situation? Many Libertarians, including myself, didn't like the fact that the gov't was forcing the bakery to bake the cake b/c it violated freedom of association. I specifically recall people using a counterargument of something like: "What if it was a Nazi Wedding cake? Wouldn't you have the right to refuse that?" How is this any different?
  • TwoCatsYelling reply A new internet based on Blockchain technology is being developed. A browser (well, browser addon) known as Blockstack is being developed. Hopefully, before too long, we'll be able to sidestep all this nonsense altogether, and return to a decentralized Internet where people don't have to worry about "having the wrong opinions online" again, because there wont' be any mega-corporations to dictate it.
  • [ – ] Skedar reply I, for one, welcome our new Libertarian overlords.
  • RouteDog reply Styx take look at this video mister metokur
  • RouteDog reply
  • wolfalexzemla reply Best news available
  • macrox6 reply No. We won't Styx. I won't fall prey to it Styx. As long as you inform us properly. And honestly, try to put out the info you get. Some of us do read them. Some of us do see you as a beacon of reason in the internet war. I ultimately want to be you, or atleast as knowledgable as you. I have that as my goal Styx.
  • Valeria8_8_8 reply What' does Styx's red flag stand for? I can never see the whole thing.😉
  • kiwi_fruit reply I tend to agree more with the right mainly because the left is largely more authoritarian, while the right of some countries at least makes arguments to defend individual freedoms. But, I totally agree with Styx here. Far/alt/fringe left and right will only complement and inflate each other. If you don't like what the left has to say, far right legitimises action of far-left and vice-versa. That's the fastest way to loose further freedoms while we are distracted with false dichotomies. 17:15 Styx has no reason to worry about missing my views in the future. I expect him to stick to his values and other than Styx maybe I can say the same for Sargon as well. The rest of the political and social commentators I wouldn't miss if they go rogue.
  • Dashoota reply You're absolutely right. The Egyptian frog God-Goddess(?) has laid its eggs on the net now lets see what hatches.
  • WickedWonka reply This country in the 2020s might resemble Italy in the 1970s.
  • ARTPAD reply Wearing your grandfathers' Nazi Brown shirt today
  • RouteDog reply Styx if you write the Constitutional Amendment that you have in mind I will take look and will post it to the Pirate Party of America
  • Willysuckerberg reply You should do another stream with Mr Metokur talking about this goy. Getting it in the constitution, or making it a public utility.
  • VonMotes reply expand (possible spam) Satanism leaking through at 3:06, Hallelujah.
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