Absolutely retarded - Australia is more brainwashed than I knew

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  • [ – ] TheRealHawkeye reply Draft her, draft her NOW. "You want more women in the army? Ok, you're in. NOW GIVE ME FIFTY!"
    • MarcavichHD parent reply I just want to point out there is a small percentage of republicans like 1 or 2 percent who think ww3 is happening now and completely ignore all positive news and information to talk about how we are all doomed and how Hillary was the key idk they have lost it and are basically liberals they are absolutely retarded hope they don't become our next problem after sjws die out like radical Christianity
  • [ – ] Politics_N_Games reply Simple solution. Create an all female brigade and send it into action against ISIS or on a dangerous UN peacekeeping mission. A military disaster is the only way to get through to these retards.
    • Cthulhu_fears_Kek parent reply At least one navy actually staffed a frigate completely with women, as an experiment. This is 12 years ago already. The trial was heralded with a lot of pink flag waving and all the trimmings. Within 2 months, 57% of the crew had requested reassignment. Most cited reasons were assault, stalking and persistent verbal harassment, and a toxic working atmosphere. Within those 2 months 7 women had been hospitalized, and 33 had required medical care for violent physical exchanges, out of a crew of 142. The experiment was aborted without a sound, all references to it were wiped, and it was never talked about again.
    • [ – ] Eldor_Luedtke parent reply Politics_N_Games, if they sent in all female group and they fail they will just say they were trained poorly because they were female. There is nothing anyone can do to satisfy them, it is always someone else victimizing them in their eyes.
    • FrostedFoxes parent reply No, they'll just say it's the patriarchy's fault for sending them somewhere so dangerous.
  • [ – ] tumatauenga reply OMFG, you can't claim a woman who got the job when half of the fucking talent pool was ignored because of their genitals, earned that position. If you have to remove half of the fucking talent pool, how the fuck can you claim they were the best person for the job?
  • Menexus reply The same standards should be applied to everyone, same with the police force and fire department. Just because less women are capable of carrying 150 pounds of sand bags up and down a fire ladder, does not mean we ought to lower the standards!
  • Dueler reply Good, let em die the dumb shits.
  • [ – ] supernova743 reply The last statement. "There's only 12% of women and clearly that's an unhealthy environment." Apparently you can judge how healthy and environment based solely on now many women are in that environment.
    • rxantos parent reply Not to mention that is the freaking army. Will they be expecting China and ISIS to "play fair" when a war comes? War does not care about quotas. You get the best person for the job or you lose lives.
  • [ – ] Cthulhu_fears_Kek reply Feminist "For years the military has recruiting only men..." Feminist in next sentence: "With 12% of the military being women..." I tell you, they have no self-awareness at all.
  • charlieM60 reply I would be crushed if someone hired me based on my gentalia and yes, I am a female. My father was military in the US and the pride of the women who qualified will be destroyed.
  • Bob_Just-Bob reply So, whats the percentage of Female garbage collectors?
  • [ – ] RookieRanger reply When you start seeing what ISIS, The Taliban, and Al-Nursa do to those women when they capture them, you will immediately regret this idiocy.
    • [ – ] OctopusOnFire parent reply They'll protest until the government makes war more civil. It sounds stupid but at this rate, it may well be true.
      • RookieRanger parent reply Wouldn't be surprised. The woman argued that having the Military only have 12% of women is somehow a bad thing. Any person with two working brain cells knows that it really doesn't matter.
  • SlavicLore reply Send those stupid ignorant twats to fight a war.
  • [ – ] Luppip reply I am a woman even I think what Australia is doing is idiotic. First of all an army is there to defend a country so they need the best people for the job. Secondly, if people are hired by their gender not merit more people are going to die if war breaks out. Thirdly, there is no gender in combat there is only winners, losers, and treaties.
    • Camer0nm93 parent reply You dead right about that its just the best person for the job, i had a debate with a bunch of lefties in my course the other day and they seem to think that women will be treated with respect if they were captured by Islamic fighters, its just nonsense to think that i dont want to see anyone die in war but it will happen but death isn't necessarily the worst that will happen to them.
  • [ – ] txtme reply let's mix the Olympics too...
  • DrunkenUncle reply I don't see her signing up.
  • Auceza reply Feminists are fascists.
  • OctopusOnFire reply Hiring? pack your stuff and to the front you go, bitch.
  • Cthulhu_fears_Kek reply Harridan: "For years the military has recruiting only men..." Harridan in next sentence: "With 12% of the military being women..." I tell you, these harpies have no self-awareness at all.
  • [ – ] mumhustlar reply Get in a war. Watch the enemy tea bag the mangled corpses of the inept female soldiers. Disprove thesis.
  • Muddywaters reply How else can they ensure we get beaten in a conflict?
  • Meck5531 reply Delusional woman speaker. Shut down. But to be fair she is like most Melbourne demographic.
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