Attacking North Korea: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

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  • phobes reply TJ - This was my first time viewing one of your videos and I like how articulate you are, your style, your execution and your distrust in the state. My only criticism: be wary of false flags and war mongering. Don't fall prey to the MSM's bullshit; do you really believe they went from zero functioning ICBMs/nukes, to fully-functional ICBMs and 60 miniaturized nukes? This "revelation" sounds too much like a false flag on the part of the neo-cons/neo-libs. That said - the US needs to work with South Korea, in an auxiliary role, to take care of business in North Korea before this nonsense comes to a tipping point.
  • [ – ] Carm3D reply And if China decides to react to our first strike?
    • [ – ] Greeley parent reply I have a feeling China would rather trade with a United Korea, which is run by the capitalistic south, than with the north anyways. Perhaps I'm wrong. I can only see that China's relationship with North Korea is basically to gain off the fact that the north is desperate to sell it's resources at a reduced price and low cost of transport. Would China risk war with the United States to continue this trade? I sort of doubt that it would be any benefit to them. I think China just wants to milk the cow until it dies, they feed it every once and a while to keep it alive, but eventually it will die regardless. Surely China understands that. What do you think about my ideas I just portrayed here?
    • screamityeah parent reply I dont think any country specialy China wants the USA bombing so close to them.
  • Ryan_Basha_ reply Fuck YouTube
  • [ – ] Carm3D reply Maybe it's time for North Korea to have a massive earthquake.. Warm up the HARP machine!
  • Sand-Grain reply "Fire and Fury" sounds like a Shakespeare quote from a comedy segment, look it up, the outcome is actually hilarious... and we thought that Trump was going to mind National American issues not play with an idiot in North Korea that desperately needs attention because things go very badly in his country.
  • Horkthane reply I haven't seen anyone else pick up on this but... Is it just me, or did Trump seemed scared out of his fucking mind when he was choking out his "Fire and Fury" schtick? His body language was meek, the words caught in his throat. All I saw was a profoundly weak man terrified of the situation. It does not fill me with confidence.
  • [ – ] flioink reply I gotta begrudgingly agree. If there's one country in the world that truly needs "liberation" it's N.Korea. And yet it has been ignored for so long that now it's a major problem. Fatty Kim has surrounded himself with "Yes" men who led him to believe he has a real chance of victory against the US.
    • screamityeah parent reply Yeah lets just ignore China and the fact that the people of NK dont know what internet is and believe their man-child leader is a God. Im very sure they would do a democracy after being liberated
  • [ – ] blazedu reply Ok, without going nuclear, china wouldn't immediately cause WW3 in retaliation. It hurts me saying it but there doesn't seem to be any other solution. End the regime by the root. Hit their missile lauching places and hit their military and of course the head of the problem itself. Again, just like you, i hate violence and would only use it if there's no other way and if i would use it i would too use the means that guarantee the minimum damage/risk to myself. So a kick in the dick of north korea is to me the best means of attack.
    • screamityeah parent reply Yeah lets go and increase the tensions that already exists. What could go wrong with Trump as our leader
  • julkip reply Let's just attack someone far away and let the neighbours deal with the fallout… very good idea… very american idea…
  • SonicMcPatriotic reply I don't know if all of their previous launches have failed. That is what we were told. Our military (or another) might have taken out their successful launches, in that we stopped them. The military doesn't tell us all of their secrets.
  • ACCEPTTT reply TJ, this is worse than the Cuban missile crises! I'm with you on this.
  • WoWzerGamer reply A plan in motion is definitely needed.
  • Master_Chief reply I agree with you TJ, we need to take care of this problem, with force.
  • screamityeah reply Im just gonna say what Kyle already said We dont know how China its gonna react if we attack them. If we attack there is no way of making sure we would get all their nukes or bombs. While we attack their going to attack South Korea. But lets say we attack them and destroy their government. Then what? Thousands of people who believe a stupid kid is a God and have no conection to the real world will do a democracy? No! Their gonna end with another crazy leader
  • Ryan_Basha_ reply Let's make North Korea the glowing sea from Fallout 4
  • [ – ] Greeley reply I have been thinking this. If American army is so great, why not send a litany of missile bearing ships and subs, with supporting aircraft, and just tell South Korea to prepare their tanks and infantry to take back the north. And just obliterate all opposition and allow the south the chance to bring the wonderful lives they have to the rest of Korea.
    • [ – ] screamityeah parent reply Because China is their neighbor and i dont think South Korea wants that many people who dont know nothing about the real world and believe their man-child leader is a God
      • Greeley parent reply Hmm. When you say "people who don't know nothing about the real world and believe their man child leader is a god" I can't help but to think of the documentaries I've watched about north Koreans who have smuggled South Korean fashion and TV shows into the north. Some of the people there actually do know they live in a highly censored country. A lot of them do know that the world outside is much better than their own country. Just Google the interviews that have been done with North Koreans who successfully escaped. They escaped because they knew the outside world was better. People in that country are yearning for freedom and are forced to treat Kim as a god, lest they are sent to work camps. If the leadership was toppled and people were given freedom, many of them would be thankful as soon as they realized how life will improve under south Korean rule. The north Korean propaganda machine is a web of lies, and as soon as it is exposed as such, the people there come to realize they ...morehave been kept in the dark. Many of them do not wish to live that way. Nearly all the videos that are released by the north is carefully made to make it look as if the people actually like their leader and the life they have. When it's actually the opposite. South Korea knows this, they purposely play kpop on loud speakers near the border between the north and south to influence the north by means of culture, they also do this by smuggling usb sticks and DVDs with South Korean TV shows and movies. The word of South Korean freedom travels through the north and people there want it.
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