YouTube Censorhip Update

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  • [ – ] wiserbud reply YouTube wants to block everyone against the evil liberal agenda
  • Golvic reply I can't wait till this site gets more creators so I won't have to go to the Goolag anymore to be entertained.
  • Sock_Puppet reply I've already blocked everything Google using script blocker, you'd be surprised how much tracking Google puts on the web, my point however is that a boycott is the ONLY way to get control of the situation online, continue to use Youtube and Google if you like but you aren't helping anyone by using their services.
  • Jeffersonian-V reply I'm reminded of that line in Schindler's List: "You can't say to yourself, 'If I follow these rules, I will be safe.'"
  • [ – ] CigarBGuitarefx reply How about everyone just abandons Youtube. Everyone all at once. Permanently.
  • mikemw reply Time to go back to Geocities everyone. I want 2007-2013 Internet back again. Very good video, i'm glad i found your channel.
  • I3UTM reply Would Google's AI also be defined as a terrorist entity as it does an unconstitutional search and seizure to private citizens?
  • MikeTheMugger reply I just made a video warning people about the power that the Institute for Strategic Dialogue wields. A truly terrifying group that is nothing short of the Mini-Truth.
  • [ – ] paddymcgrory reply Love you channel, glad I found it!
  • geordieprepper reply YouTube is a complete joke. The sooner it disappears and consigned to history the better.
  • Guns_and_Gadgets reply Just learned that I have been a victim of this Mass Demonetization. I stopped counting at 62 videos affected.
  • Robotus reply YouTube might be worth a visit for such mundane things such as a music video or a tutorial on fixing your faucet, but where political discourse is involved, that's is becoming a thing of the past. Brave browser Proton Mail There are alternatives to Google services.
  • EndTimeOutpost777 reply I felt the shadow and the horror that will once only exists in the Communist country have surprisingly arrived in the America. BTW, I love your usage of Red Guards. The USA is in the Cultural Revolution happened between 1966 and 1976 in China. But to my dismay, when I talk about this similarity to my college teacher simply dismiss it as 'different case'. As Thatcher said about Hong Kong that the Freedom of Hong Kong demised after 1997 not because of the Mainland Commies but by some of the Hong Kong Elites who sold them out, so as the same to the USA that the liberty of the United States dies not in the hand of China or Russia, but dies in the hand of those who voluntarily submitted themselves to the enemies.
  • [ – ] Senpai_zeze_fly reply the ADL can´t even triforce
  • [ – ] RoboLynx reply Is that gray brick background supposed to be reminiscent of a prison cell? Also, some sound dampening foam would work wonders for cutting that echo.
    • LibertyDoll parent reply It's supposed to be a plain white brick wall but my camera doesn't white balance properly. Also, walls are already covered with foam and blankets, so I'm stumped on anything else I could do.
    • ClassicalLiberal parent reply I love her background, great contrast to her fun appearance and witty commentary. The tone quality doesn't bother me.
  • [ – ] MikePowlas reply Just follow the rules and You'll have no problem on Youtube
    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply MikePowlas : What are the rules?
    • [ – ] JAVide0 parent reply Well, are you talking about having your video removed, demoneitized or put into a limited state? The former, yes you might be true. But demoneitized, absolutely not, people have done tests and done videos of them just saying mundane things, like teapot. Guess what, they get demoneitized straight away. The last one I don't think has been implemented yet, but I am not hopeful that it will be used in a fair manner. YouTube seem to be trying to cut off funding to channels that don't aline with there 'progressive' values, and I'm sure we will see them using there limited state on these channels too. It is censorship through the back door. Whatever happened to the 'don't be eveil' moto!!
      • [ – ] MikePowlas parent reply Follow their TOS and all works fine. All my channels have no problems of growing and making $$$$.
        • [ – ] JAVide0 parent reply How are you making $$$ with 10 views a video. Haha
        • [ – ] JAVide0 parent reply Well lucky you. But are you really saying that a video, that just says the names of inanimate objects, should be demoneitized? How does that break the TOS exactly? Also the TOS are so vague that almost anything can be deemed inappropriate, especially if you talk about news events. You have way to much trust on YouTube, just because your channel is OK, does not mean that other channels are not being treated unfairly. The evidence is there, if you actually look for it.
          • MikePowlas parent reply Luck has nothing to do with it.
          • [ – ] MikePowlas parent reply the evidence is there that they do not go by the TOS. I have more than just one channel and have no problems at all.
            • [ – ] JAVide0 parent reply You didn't answer the question, as to how a video, just saying the names of mundane objects, get demoneitized. Until you do I can disregard your claim, re following TOS.
              • [ – ] MikePowlas parent reply The boots pick up audio and video as the TOS. Disregard all you want. Just follow the TOS and it works fine. Just as all of my channels have no problems. So yes I answered the question. You are just not listening.
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