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  • Gabriel_E_B reply Please Don't label this in the animation category. that category was created and is reserved for the people who cannot pump out a video in short periods of time and slave away for weeks and sometimes months on a single video,. which is why the tab should have nothing ealse but finished animation. to give exposure to the people who can't pump out things that fast. an animatic is not an animation, if you are looking for a tag to place your content under you can use vlogs or comedy if you really feel fancy. I'm not saying this from hate. I'm saying this because when you will have a finished animation you will want to have somne sort of priority over people that can pump out content in a few day. (I even have an animation practice on my channel that I decided to exclude from that tab because it only took me a couple of hours to make and it isn't colored or refined or has any audio). So please in order to help maintain a platform in which both animation and 1 day content can strive it ...moreis best that you switch out the tag on your video. thanks.
  • ADunceAnimations reply this is not the real theodd1sout
  • Dezmounts reply Hey odd, can you respond? Hey, love your content, heh.
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