Where has the money gone?

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  • julie-w reply Redirect ask Colleen Hayward and GIPL board as they sign off on the CEO contract and GAC budget as per the Trust Deed they are responsible for supervising the trust manager GIPL as trustee have fiduciary duties and should know what happened to the money so why have they spent beneficiary on this video ??
  • sdersch reply I have no idea where the fucking money went and whoever made this video can get fucked for inferring that I do. I have minutes at home, I called for accountability time and time again, unfortunately I was in the minority without support from the rest of the board. The CEO delegation was kept secret from the board, Slim Parker and I sought to have the CEO delegation itemised and ratified by the Board at each meeting so we could know what was going on, Steve Mav and the rest of the board weren't keen and it failed to attract the support it needed
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