Deviant's Episode 4

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  • NovemberJoy reply The adult babies are crying like...babies. How fitting.
  • Little_Lazarus reply Love it Jim. Keep up the good work.
  • nekollx reply And this is a rant not a proper video so gonna have to downvote it. Pitty was curious about your content. Hope this is just an outlayer
  • pjalmighty42 reply *Ahem*...It's not "persecution"...It's FURRsecution! (a-thank you)
  • Achillean reply I would make a pun here, but the comment section is already full of them. In some morbid way, it is fascinating to see how others work in their communities. It gives some insight into how some people work, and I'd imagine that it would be great for those wishing to pursue a career in psychology.
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