Shadows of the Empire (Review)

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  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I have to say that Shadows of the Empire did the "3D Contra" thing better than both Legacy of War (which had an awesome soundtrack) and C: The Contra Adventure. Too bad that this game wasn't remade for the Wii, taking advantage of its motion controls. By the way, there was also PC version of this with pre-rendered cut-scenes that have aged badly when compared with the N64 version's cut-scenes. Oh, and I have agree that about those parts where it's so dark that you can hardly see anything.
    • GrimAndGrin parent reply Oh man yeah the wii-mote's motion censor would have actually made great use of the game's controls! I did not know that about the PC version, although interestingly a commentor on youtube pointed out that the "backdrop behind Prince Xizor" (in the N64 version, 2:30 in this video) "is ripped right out of TIE Fighter" (I've no longer got tie-fighter installed so I haven't yet been able to verify it myself). - Grim
  • Emperor_Yankee reply I always like this Star Wars game! It's one of my favorites! Play it all the time when I was a kid at my cousin's house in New York! You made a great review about Shadows of the Empire! I played it on the PC as well and I liked the PC more that the n64 version! But they are both good! I would like to see more game reviews from you soon! :)
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