#RegressiveNews: No Campus for Stormtroopers

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  • [ – ] nekollx reply Yes! Buying Storm trooper toys is just Profe your raising your kids to be a neo Nazi! Everyone knows this, also everry female in a comic, EVERY SINGLE ONE is a whore and has no personal agency.
    • nekollx parent reply also i can KINDA under the logic of general netra terms but why is Forefathers included? This country was not created by a mixed token diverse group it was founded by white men. By banning fourfathers isn't that one step toward rewriting history? How long before George Washington become a sassy black woman in the history books in the interest of diversity?
  • DecadesApartProductions reply Dave, our movies would have an M-rating (since they would score very low on the Bechdel test). Also, I've been hearing that story was made up and a bunch of news outlets just ran with it. Love your content, keep up the good work.
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