A Stream of Consciousness on Feminism

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  • [ – ] OrionBlastar reply Be a humanist instead of a feminist. Feminists that I see on the Internet are for female superiority and want to take rights, freedoms away from white males. Feminists want to punish people, while humanists want equal rights for everyone on every level. Females that love D&D, video games, sci fi, horror, etc are very awesome because they are not limited by gender roles made by society. This makes them free thinkers and open minded and can see the hypocrisy of Feminism. Women used to dominate in STEM in the 1950s and 1960s until feminists told them they can't do math and science and they quit learning. Focus on math and science and don't let anyone tell you that you can't make it. Feminists are sabotaging other females to get into liberal arts, gender studies and then complain when STEM is mostly males.
    • RicherVapours parent reply just saved me lot's of typing....THANK YOU!!! Brains.
    • [ – ] slaughtz parent reply Humanism has two problems. First, the honest kind of humanism treats things on market merit, thus is just Classical Liberalism 2.0. Second, the honest kind of humanism is incompatible with religious distinctions which makes it incompatible with Judaism; which is why Jews will not support Humanism. Third, Humanism is a response to Judaic Marxism being non-meritocratic. It is non-Jewish whites trying to appeal to the Jewish left by merit, but Jews want a 'humanism' that is under the label of anti-whiteness and not a label that's open to white people being white people. That's why you cannot be humanist. You're not human to them, you're goyim. And the naivety of 'humanists' is they think it's not goyimism.
      • OrionBlastar parent reply I believe in equal rights for all. We are not superior, we are just different in many ways. I worked a job as a technical at a tools and fan company and there was this guy in marketing named Frank. Frank is a genius in marketing and getting people to buy products. But had issues moving data from an AS/400 to Windows 3.1 and Excel 5.0. I kept going back to show him how to do that, to write it down so he remembers. I was there for the 13th time and he said to me "You must think I am some sort of dumbass." which I replied no, because he is smart in marketing, and I am not, and I am smart in computers and it is my job to train and teach him. That's if needed I'd be back a 14th or 15th time, whenever he needed me just call and I'll put him in the database to help him out. Life is a bit like that as well. The fake humanism that wants to tear down white straight males is also fake feminism or Feminazis and the Social Justice Warriors that got indoctrinated instead of educated and hate white m...moreen because white men are blamed for all of the problems in the world.
  • [ – ] illuminaughty reply You're so beautiful and smart.double threat!!!
  • MysticSword reply Well said. And one doesn't need a label to believe in equal rights.
  • frank_07 reply Feminism, BLM, Social justice warriors, they're all just communist far-left 'movements' who are using women, blacks and anything they can to push and promote their communist agenda.
  • Caperjim reply Intelligent female right here. Hopefully more woman see it and comprehend it.
  • LeoPerezArt reply Tara has spoken
  • MeMadMax reply Feminists don't get that we ARE equal... Compare us to saudi arabia for example... ^.^
  • Kiruna reply feminism is a death cult.
  • truckmyad reply The paradox of women's independence is that if one is truly independent, would they follow any movement or cult? It's just a question, I know that it is important to be a part of something for a period of time.
  • truckmyad reply This is more my style of video that I like but I wonder if it's less popular in terms of views and ratings than Tara's other material?
  • truckmyad reply Feminists: Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, etc. Who is leading this movement? Who are women following? When a woman's life does not work out, do they ever think about who was putting these thoughts in their heads?
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply keep doing it tara great video
  • [ – ] derwingamer2 reply Tara do your thing girl...
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Nice Book necklace.
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply I really like the Pokemon plushies you have at the background.
  • Harbinger50 reply And with one deft knife thrust, you stab not just one, but TWO demographics in the back: feminists and dumb blondes. You must stop. You will upset the meme and joke universes. This cannot be allowed!
  • Simon1945 reply Superb upload, do more like this.
  • taskmaster58 reply They all seem to hate white males, that's one thing they all seem to have in common.
  • Sm39m4 reply Bimboooooo MMMMmmmmmm AAAhhhhhhhhh OOoooooooooo MMMMMMmmmmm ARGH! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • GrayDragonslayer reply Do you watch Andywarski videos? They are funny and cover similar topics and are really funny. Also just a heads up, a third of each video is dick jokes. P.S. you should make more of these videos.
  • [ – ] DarkQuark reply You make some good points. But it is hard to take you seriously when you appear so desperate for attention via overplaying physical attributes. Just my opinion, but you seem like with practice you could make some very intellectual videos instead of just baring your chest.
    • TaraBabcock parent reply I do both because that's who I am. Nothing about that is going to change. Putting on a turtleneck and changing clothes just to film would be my "desperate" for the pseudo-respect of my viewers.
  • kendrakane reply i like the type of feminism that we can all agree that girl at Berkeley was aggressive and should have had a mob of women to kick his ass. The world doesnt owe you anything for being a woman you have to work together and take whats yours. slut shaming is not working together. its misogyny. hated the women who attacked Melania Trump for her nude photos.
  • ryankylehemby reply Feminism was started by the CIA funding Gloria Steinem in order to create bickering between people and break apart the family structure. It is being used to create order out of chaos. More chaos means more rules for us while our leaders are involved in satanic evil behind closed doors.
  • [ – ] SueBB71 reply Please do more videos like this Tara. I personally would never click on a video entitled 'Feel Free to Fap', but this upload shows you are far more than the sum of your parts. I 100 per cent agree with everything you have said here and have had many conversations about it. Down with all labels. I would personally love to live in a world where people are accepted for who they are and are respected for their own beliefs, provided those beliefs are neither illegal or immoral..and there within lies another argument that I hear often...freedom of speech...if we 'police' what people say, that should not, in my opinion, be seen as going against freedom of speech....I have actually heard people saying that if their child wants to say something, no matter how hateful, they should be allowed to say it because it is their right to an opinion; however, a child saying something detrimental or disrespectful to another human being should be educated in the art of morality and be taught to keep a ci...morevil tongue in their head. I digress, but nice video.
    • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply Thanks! I don't know why you have an aversion to clicking a silly title when the content is just as thought-provoking, however. :P I don't think children need to be told not to say things, I think they should be taught why saying those things is wrong so they can assess that and grow into making their own decisions. Parents, too often, tell their kids "because I said so," rather than actually educating them. Also, what is immoral? Do you, then, believe in objective morality?
      • [ – ] SueBB71 parent reply To address your initial comment; due to the amount of content available to me as a viewer, I expect the content that I choose to view to be appropriately packaged and marketed with regard to it's content just as any product that I choose to consume in order to save myself time. A beautiful lady showing her cleavage with the title 'Feel free to Fap' doesn't appeal to my personal viewing preferences and i'm not about to click on those videos in the hope that it turns out to be anything other than what it is marketed as; I simply don't have the time nor the inclination to sift through. I wouldn't for example go out and order a steak in the hope that turns out to be a really good vegetarian meal when I know I want a really good vegetarian meal. Hence my aversion. My stance on educating children and providing them with a sense of right and wrong, respect for others and a civil tongue is one that I stand by; make no mistake, although my comment is written in the present tense with reg...moreard to children commenting I believe children should be brought up to accept and respect everyone in order that they don't say anything in such a way that they may hurt the feelings of others yet can still benefit from not being afraid to question. First and foremost, I believe it's important to teach children that we're all human, all have feelings and to be very aware that some people are more sensitive than others. In a debate, one lady said, that if her son was to say to go to another boy in class and tell the boy that he was ugly and poor then he should be able to say it without fear of repimand because he was stating his entitled opinion and stating fact. My point is, that although people often say words don't hurt, they can and they do, and no matter how confident you bring your child up to be, they should be made aware that not all children share that confidence and can be affected badly by the words of children brought up waving the banner of having their right to an opinion. Children should be taught that it is ok to question, but not ok to point fingers..or rather..it isn't what you say it's the way that you say it. My son, aged five at the time, once asked a teacher if she was teaching him because she liked him, or whether she was only teaching him because it was her job. A genuine question with no accusatory tone. All children have enquiring minds that seek information in order to develop an informed opinion as they get older, but the way they seek that information should imo, be done with respect and unless you as a parent engage in those conversations and steer them towards having some sensitivity and empathy but instead seek to constantly empower them with a sense of entitlement to their opinion then you are in danger of bringing up nothing more than a bully, because children will always take the direct approach if not taught otherwise. The issue of objective and subjective morality can be a veritable landmine as the very definition of objectivity seems to flux between arguments. In all honesty, it's a subject I find particularly boring having discussed and debated it amongst friends so often when I was younger. Another reason I find labels wearing is their tendency to differ between the perspectives of each individual, there are so many variables to some discussions that can each be looked at from many different angles..and so I will simply say this. A sense of morality may well be subject to individual perspective and circumstance, but in general terms, we as humans like to pride ourselves on being a civilised society and within that civilised society we are abundantly aware of basic rights and wrongs. We are talking about children here. Teaching a child the difference between an insult and an observation, a question or a statement, a fact or an assumption etc. really doesn't warrant a philosophical debate. It is purely that which so many people seem to lack and even fewer apply to everyday life....common sense.
        • [ – ] TaraBabcock parent reply Fair enough as a new viewer, but knowing my content it's going to be a ton of ideological and philosophical points, not just tits. :P I agree to an extent. I would educate my child that everything has a reaction, and if you chose to take a tone that will rub people the wrong way, you have to expect an equal reaction. I would also teach that level-headed and objective arguments hold more weight. BUT it would be most important to teach that others' words shouldn't have a huge impact on their self-worth, and why. :) I appreciate your comment!
          • SueBB71 parent reply The fact is we're not robots, people are people and every child is different, every reaction is different, in an ideal world teaching children that they shouldn't feel hurt by someone else's comments is all well and good, yet intelligent, self confident beautiful teenagers commit suicide every day because of bullying, they aren't all self hating kids with no friends and a broken family, so in my opinion, teaching children to have some empathy and approach people with respect is far more important than trying to teach children why they shouldn't feel hurt if someone says something to them. I enjoyed the debate, and the vid..you have good business sense using your assets, I hope your other uploads draw as much debate as you hope to gain from them, all the best with it. 😉
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