Game Vlog #1 You Gotta Hear This One!

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  • [ – ] LadyFuzztail reply Youtube's policies are ridiculous, but I would be careful about blaming PewDiePie if I were you. A lot of what was said about him over the incident are lies, and you'd playing right into the hands of the lying media that way by blaming him.
    • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe parent reply no i didn't he did exactly what was said in video it was a dumb joke its not all his fault ik and yes the media is bad but he should not have joked like that it was wrong and it was the nail in the coffin that started the advertisers to leave because the media blew up about it yes they over did it but im not taking there side because they over exaggerate crap and youtube bent over for them bcause of it
      • [ – ] LadyFuzztail parent reply You are missing the context of why the joke was made, and that was a deliberate move on the media's part to omit that, because it's a lot easier to spread a narrative that way. It could be anyone, I mean Keemstar would be far more guilty of the edgy jokes, but they picked on PewDiePie because he is the biggest channel, and thus it's easier to make a scapegoat out of him. There is a far more perfidious motivation behind what's going on than what is readily visible.
        • [ – ] MultiKillerjoe parent reply regardless the joke shouldn't have been made and yeah i agree on that but still he was the one that topped it off i mean heck i thought keemstar or onision would be the ones to ruin youtube
          • [ – ] LadyFuzztail parent reply I disagree, irreverence to acceptable social norms is a keystone to humor. Neither keemstar nor Onisiaon nor Pewdiepie have the ability to ruin Youtube, if anything, they're one of the many reasons why Youtube is so popular. If you're gonna blame anyone for ruining YouTube, blame the media oligarchs, the advertizers working in cahoots with them and the staff who capitulated so readily to the ad-pocalypse.
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