FCC votes to overturn net neutrality.

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  • userXVI reply Th globalists are losing, they are clinging on for dear life in europe. Once the euro collapses and it will, we will turn our attention to the entity that is orcastrating all of this. Remember how pepsi said something bad about trump just as things where heating up? The next time You walk into a grocery store, could You do me a Favor and check the soda isle? how much a 2 leter bottle of pepsi sells for (1$) compared to coca cola dr peper etc (1.50-2.00$) to this day, pepsi is clearly suffering from our boycott. Kellogs boycotted Breitbart, we instantly boycotted right back, to this day we dont really know how many people they had to fire just to avoid bankrupcy. they can play all the games they want, but its to late, the Goyim knows.
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